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  1. UK Permission Visit - Aldwych Tube Station Feb 16

    Very cool! I wonder why they didn't allow DSLRs and why they still don't allow tripods. It's pretty awesome that you can actually get permission to go down there.
  2. UK Great Oxendon Tunnel, Leicestershire - Oct '14

    I like the oval shape of the tunnel. Pic #5 is my favorite. The little stalactites are cool!
  3. Great shots and info about the place. Looks amazing! I hope you didn't end up in too much discomfort after getting partially submerged.
  4. UK Rhiwbach slate mine Wales January 2016

    What an amazing place! I love how the water is so clear and blue. And that barrel-shaped piece of equipment is very neat.
  5. UK H.J Berry & Sons, Chipping - February 2016

    What a neat place! I love how colorful it is. Looks almost like a recreation area for children.
  6. I'm excited to be here!