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  1. Around 1933 Walter Messerli began his company in car parts in a small valley between the Swiss mountains. Soon it became a huge scrapyard with cars parked between each other, waiting on better times or a seller which needed specific parts. When Messerli retired in the 1970's the collection of cars was huge and spanning 5 decades of cars. After his son took over not much had changed. Car enthusiasts visits the yard to buy rare parts and year by year nature took over. Until 2009. Due to european environment rules and pollution the site had to be cleaned.
  2. For a place in The Netherlands that looks awesome !
  3. Hey Kaj! Like your burned garage pics ! Welcome!
  4. Great set of what I think one of the best locations in Europe !
  5. On my list for years now.. Great set and still looks worth a visit.
  6. Great report! I mostly only see the photo of that window, but the rest is worth a visit as well !
  7. Just travelled over :-) I'm a big Ryaniar fan !
  8. Thanks mate ! In fact, these are photo's of 6 different builings.
  9. haha.. nope, didn't visited Severalls back then.... sorry
  10. Tskaltubo, Georgia. A small city with more then 15 sanatoria and spa's. Once a touristic place for the russian people. A sanatorium for every target: man, woman, children, rich and middle class, for the normal soldiers and one for the commanding officers. After Georgia became a independent country there became an end of the thermal tourism. Which means abandoned and decayed buildings. Thats why it was on my to-do list for a few years. Finally I was able to visit Georgia in May and October 2015. Visiting Tskaltubo I learned that most of the 'abandoned' buildings are re-used by fugitives from Abchazia and formed whole new and self supporting communities in these abandoned buildings.
  11. Nice to go through my old files and which would fit in here This one don't need any introduction I guess...
  12. Yes, it was guarded. As being an oil-fired power plant it was way too expensive to keep it active, but it was mothballed with the ability to fire it up again in case of need. As far as I know that only happened ones during the strike of the mineworkers in the time of Margaret Thatcher.