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  1. Awesome report pics mate. Was a good little mooch for a weekday. Well done , you've displayed the place nicely
  2. UK Conditioning House. Yorkshire. February 2016.

    Really like this Acid.....nice shots. The last one is awesome!
  3. UK George Barnsley May 2016

    Awesome shots there young gun! Hope you'll join us on some other trips soon
  4. UK Millford Mill, Belper - May 2016

    Looks like an interesting mooch pal (I'm otherwise known as 'dangle_angle' elsewhere btw) haha
  5. USA Parklands Prison May 2016

    Thats an awesome explore pal...love the pics
  6. Belgium Spider Cottage

    Really like this....trip on the cards @Lavino for later this year?
  7. UK Grand Theatre, Doncaster

    Thanks guys for your comments... I dont think there will be a tour bus here anytime soon
  8. Grand Theatre, Doncaster Visited with Lavino one rain soaked evening. Was not expecting the place to be as mint as it was. Original features everywhere you look and not a piece of graf in sight... lovely. The grade 2 listed theatre was built in 1899 and functioned as a theatre until 1958. Then it became a bingo hall from 1961- 1990. Its currently planned for restoration in the coming years and is looked after by 'friends of the grand' group. Thanks for looking
  9. UK Grand Theatre, Doncaster

    Awesome Andy. Great set of images!
  10. UK Holding Cells (Old County Police, Wigan)- April 2016

    Haha yes they are....it pays to keep looking and not fuck off to some random mill! haha cheers for today
  11. Holding Cells (Old County Police, Wigan) April 2016 Literally cant find any info on this place but @lavino and I decided to check this place out and found our way in...... Not much of interest to the police station but its well intact for a late 1800's building. Not graf'd and no leaks so it has all the features of a police station still . What we were interested in though was the cells so we hunted and found.... Id say go check it out for yourselves and probably get a report out of it but heres my cell pics to wet your appetite.... Thanks for looking all....
  12. Nice that mate... wide angle lens defo the one
  13. UK George Barnsleys & Sons, Sheffield - Jan 2016

    Thankyou for the positive comments guys....appreciated
  14. UK The Ark, Liverpool (Sept 15)

    It is overlooked mate, yes, but I dont think anyone gives a crap...when we went it was heaving with dog walkers and locals..... (Probs why it is sealed up again! )
  15. UK The Ark, Liverpool (Sept 15)

    Hi Paul....thanks mate. These are taken on my old Olympus so quality not that great...look at my George Barnsleys report for better images (IMO haha) Have to meet up again soon