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  1. I know little of the History tbh. Built during the war as a shelter for the AEI Henleys Cable Works (which would have been an awesome explore) and could hold around 2000 people allegedly; the tunnels were built into old Caves in the Rosherville gardens that occupied the land between the cable works and the cliff face. It is unclear if the tunnels were built by the cable works, or someone else. Beyond that, I know nothing. Visited before shenanigans occurred. Photos (I found it quite difficult not to take the exact same photos as everyone else lol)
  2. Wonderfully light photos, top work
  3. It does sound suspicious, the other reason could be that Grade 1 listing was considered on some items and they were ripped out before it could be granted.
  4. No photo policy = we removed some details we were not meant too. Looks like it would have been grand in years gone by
  5. UK Tower Colliery, May 2017

    Cheers, it is an awesome site! I want to go back to the Winding house as I took little photos of the compressors etc as a Tawny Owl was buzzing us lol Do it, you won't be disappointed. Apart from the long drive, that is!
  6. UK Tower Colliery, May 2017

    Another one from our venture around Wales. This was an 'if we have time' stop and I am glad we swerved Mid Wales for this. It is trashed, but I have missed out on the Collieries and it was an interesting wander. Bumped into a few other people there, so it was good to put a few names to faces. History stolen from Wiki: Photos: Looking over the Colliery whilst we had a quick brew in the car: Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Winding House: Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Colliery by Nick, on Flickr UE Rule #1209: If you're going to visit a headstock, you must climb the headstock Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Workshops, some big kit in here Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Emergency Winder! Colliery by Nick, on Flickr The Bathhouse Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Colliery by Nick, on Flickr Colliery by Nick, on Flickr
  7. UK Ashley Road Deep Shelter 2017

    I have heard the same, there was a picture floating about on Facebook a while back!
  8. UK RAF Kemble 2017

    Probably, but we didn't look as there was activity going on.
  9. UK RAF Kemble 2017

    Swung through here on the way back from Wales and went straight up the tower. History stolen from Wiki
  10. Visited at the start of our Wales trip back in May. Wanting to see this is what inspired the whole trip to be honest, it is probably one of the best things I have seen in a while, it looks untouched for decades. It must have been a grim place to have ended up in.
  11. UK Wales Road Trip 2017 (Video)

    Cheers Mate, the whole idea was to try and avoid the normal type of Video
  12. UK Wales Road Trip 2017 (Video)

    We apologise, we made a video. We couldn’t help ourselves. But with the advent of cheap FoPro’s and easy to access editing software, it seemed like a good thing to try out. We have jumped on the bandwagon and joined the 1.4 million other urban exploration videos on Youtube. So here it is, a short video of our roadtrip the two of us as we journeyed around Wales. Highlights included wet feet, many photos, one lost scarf, a fall down a hill, one rotten floorboard, 2 ‘almost’ punctures on the car, missed turns and the jetboil working hard. Tea was our fuel, welsh bogs our nemesis and fish and chips in Aberystwyth our motivation. Don’t worry, we aren’t bringing you 60 minutes of tear jerkingly slow, shaky and dull footage.
  13. it is, lovely amount of decay! Me too, i guess being London and not having much else around mean people don't Thanks, one of my favourite photos from this year
  14. Awesome mooch about. Proper derpy and very photographic. History: The West Ham court house, also know as West ham Magistrates’ or West ham Police and Coroner’s court, is a Yellow brick Victorian era Italianate Court house built in 1884 and officially opened in 1885. The complex of buildings were designed by the Borough Architect & Engineer Lewis Angell. West Ham court house was later extended by John Morley in 1901 and included a new frontage. Due to a new court house being built within the Stratford area, the older West Ham court house was phased out and vacated circa 2010. The buildings were granted Grade 2 listed status during the 1980’s as being a historical building. Unfortunately, a in December 2013 gutted court room 2 and destroyed the upper floors; 2014 saw emergency conservation work such as scaffolding holding up court room 1 and a temporary roof to prevent further decay to the buildings. I basically went for the cells