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  1. UK RAF Church Fenton - Tadcaster - July 2016

    Great write up and nice photos, had a few good trips here myself
  2. UK The Shrine - West Sussex - October 2016

    These are some quite pretty photos, but people would generally rather see inside of the building. Thanks for sharing though
  3. UK Liverpool old airport October 2016

    Nice work mate, love planes!
  4. UK The Artists House - Feb 2016

    Great shots, looks a good find plenty of character!
  5. Germany Garbage Incineration Plant

    Really nice report, love how clear the pictures are
  6. UK RAF Church Fenton

    Great report mate, nicely captured
  7. Nicely done, I agree with the others it's good to see how the place used to look
  8. Good work, particularly liked the vehicle shots.
  9. UK RAF Barnam Atomic Weapons Site - Oct 2016

    Love it, great write up and it's refreshing to see a black and white report for a change!
  10. Loved the shot of the orange jacket and the pair of boots
  11. You've captured it nicely, particularly liked the third shot
  12. USA Coal Conveyor, Sept 2016

    Nice work, looks like there's a lot of decay going on there.
  13. Try and capture more in your photos, I can't really make much out about the building from these. Thanks for sharing though
  14. Belgium Maison hein - December 2015

    Looks like a pretty good find, would have loved to of seen a bit more
  15. UK Fraser Gunnery Range

    Really good stuff mate, first ones epic!