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  1. Our latest trip was to the outskirts of Liverpool, making our way into Greenbank synagogue, abandoned since 2007, with plenty of period features left behind to rot. Once we had failed to get into Newsham Park Hospital, we tried here instead, with great success, and the place was definitely worth the long trip.
  2. UK Pagefield College Campus

    Our trip to Pagefield, after failed visits to both Horwich and Preston. We managed to get a good range of clips from the venture, even some time-lapse segments
  3. UK Exploring Newly Abandoned Sports College

    Great site, fresh enough with water still going, but god damn the kids. its bad enough they are blatant vandals but when you throw being in skem into the mix, shieeeet, glad i was with the rest of us.
  4. UK Exploring Newly Abandoned Sports College

    Our first contribution to Oblivion State, the video covers a Sports college (UK High School) in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. The College is a recently abandoned site, with very little coverage as of now, even with the local youth running around and destroying it, we still managed to finish off a video for your enjoyment.


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