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  1. UK Longbridge underground tunnels

    Lol why didnt i think of that, have you ever been there? If not that would make sense as to youre post
  2. UK Longbridge underground tunnels

    Ive looked buddy non the wiser my gf thinks theres an entrance up by hollymoor surgery but im really struggling lol
  3. UK Longbridge underground tunnels

    Hello thanks for replie, ok fair enough that didnt cross my mind i live like 5 minutes from there and found group through google as i was trying to find a way to have a look, most of my family worked there and just find an interest in it
  4. Hello trying to find information on how to access the tunnels under the old rover site at longbridge bormingham any information would be nuch appreciated thanks

  5. Hey guys do any of you know where the entrance is located to these tunnels. Thanks
  6. Hey guys new to the forum came across it after searching for the tunnels in longbridge (the old rover tunnels) am interested in an explore her do any of you know how to access them, in other words where the entrances are located. Many thanks