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  1. Hi from Merseyside :)

    Ahoy there, welcome along!
  2. Recover you Memory Card

    Can't say i have... but i've driven four hours to find i haven't even brought an SD card a few times!
  3. France War Death Valley - France - April 13

    That is seriously cool...
  4. War department POW camp & some july - 2011

    Skelly shoots... Skelly scores... that is awesome!
  5. UK Silica Mines (October 2013)

    Dingdong, thanks for a cracking weekend as well!
  6. Hello :)

    Ahoy there, welcome along.
  7. UK Fort G, Hampshire Sept 13

    Lovely jubbly, looks a cracking mooch!
  8. UK Coulsdon Deep Shelter- 2012

    What a wee belter, thanks for sharing!
  9. UK Nazeing Decoy Airfield

    Dingdong again, your last few threads are right up my alley Laird Tam, keep em coming!
  10. Hello

    Ahoy there!!!
  11. UK Roydon Gun Emplacement - August 2013

    Shame about the graffiti but what a wee corker of an explore, especially like the first picture!
  12. Thanks guys, appreciate the kind comments!