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  1. UK Code Red Hospital - August 2013

    Looks sooo tidy but yet so much peeley paint. fantastic pics.
  2. Security

    Hi All, Was looking at a local venue to get into a old safeway warehouse. As i was looking for any gaps in fencing i noticed a few alarm systems dotted all around the various buildings Also a lot of cams . Went upto the front gatehouse for a look about to see if there was any security on, Couldnt see through the Mirrored glass of gatehouse. Main Gates were Wide open just a barrier to stop cars going through. I hung about for about 20 mins when the door of gatehouse opened and security bloke headed over and asked what i was upto. I just told him waiting for a lift. He then asked me to wait away from entrance. So After A Bit Of Advice Is it worth the risk of going for it? Whats the Chances Of Alarms/Cams Working Has anyone just plain asked a secca if they can look round or offered them back hander? Cheers In Advance Stu
  3. UK 1st explore river tyne ship yard 08/05/13

    Some more pics of location
  4. This is my first splore so please go easy. Any advice is more than welcome.R B Harrison's Shipyard. Its in NE England Based On The River Tyne.A shipyard was set up in Bill Quay around 1820. This was taken over by RB Harrison in the mid-century and the yard became a repair facility. It continued in this role until the 1980s Many Thanks For Taking The Time to look at my very 1st splore.