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  1. Oh shit, that's awful news
  2. UK John Summers And Sons - 2013

    Very nice, and that staircase
  3. fletcher convalescent home 2013

    Nice stair case, cheers for the share.
  4. What made you use the username you use?

    My fav Iron Maiden song. Also my missus calls me one because of my will to win,not give up and take a whole lot of pain.
  5. Cheers Stussy:cool:
  6. Deviant Mind Website.

    Oh yeah, sorry. I can sort that later when I get home from work.
  7. Deviant Mind Website.

    My site is www.deviantmind.co.uk it's not updated because I am lazy but worth a look.
  8. What camera do you use?

    For me its: Canon 5D2 with 17-40L Mostly. Gitzo Carbon Fibre tripod and a slingshot bag.
  9. Cheer SK and I like my Avatar
  10. Hi all, My name is Ian and I go by the name of Trooper (after Iron Maiden song) I am on the fb page as Ian Munro or my fb as Deviant Mind. My website is www.deviantmind.co.uk This is by far the most welcome place regarding Urbexing I have know so cheers. You may see me in my shots popping up in ridiculous poses in suit. This is part of my Journeyman series. Thanks.
  11. pmsl, I am 18st and I got to about 2ft from end. I stood there with my bowler hat and suit on......you may have seen the pic
  12. Well done anyway, loving the images.
  13. Again a cracking job you have done, I thought the place had mostly gone.......shame it was on my list
  14. Nice shots there of a good little explore, I enjoyed it and remember standing on the diving board. Top shots as always Wevsky