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    I enjoying traveling around the country seeing new places really enjoy exploring new places. We keep reptiles and amphibians also a few fluffy pets. I enjoy reading and cooking also a good horror film
  1. UK

    Sure is Andy.
  2. UK

    We seem it but some of my reports are the first places we ever explored so playing catch up lol. Hoping to have all of them up before tomorrow before we go away and do more exploring lol.
  3. Originally built in 1910 as Mountain Ash Cottage Hospital, it opened as a general hospital in 1924. It closed in 2011 when Ysbyty Cwm Cynon Opened. This was a stop on our first day in Wales think it was our third stop off that da. The ease of access means the place have been completely trashed and all the windows smashed and gone also a lot of roof tiles have also gone. Kid seemed to be using it as a party house so we kept clear of them and just done our thing. Found it rather funny towards the end when a lad came up and asked were we paranormal investigators??! urm no mate. My poor other half looked at me like I had gone made and proceeded to ask what the F**k did he say? I stood and giggled and told him what the lad had asked to get a "How the hell did you understand what he said?" lol. I have over 135 photos.... but wont upload them all but you can always look on my Flickr account.... There's lots more pictures on my Flickr Please feel free to check them out.....:)
  4. Naturopathic mean - A system of alternative medicine based on the theory that diseases can be successfully treated or prevented without the use of drugs. By techniques such as control of diet, exercise and massage. I tried to research this place but yet again i drew a blank. It is set in 27 acres of Essex countryside. Could not get into the main building all entry's were blocked off and looked as it the care home across the way was using the back of the main building as storage. Photos.. Photos done with phone.
  5. UK

    Unfortunately I could not find much out about this place not for the want of trying. I did find out that is was up for sale in July 2011 but that's all I can find. It is across from a train station it was a 6 bedroom detached house with many out buildings which were completely run down. This place had been trashed from top to bottom looks like there had been a fire at some stage and the basement was completely flooded.It did look as if someone had once started to refurbish then I'm guessing that's when the fire happened. Since then it looks as if it has just been left to ruin. Some pics.... I did have more photos but yet again something went wrong!
  6. UK

    It was good i want to go back lol.
  7. UK

    I agree with you on that one The_Raw. .
  8. I have searched and searched online for information about this place and have come up blank every-time. This was a farm house which had a guest house across from it from what i can make out.The farm house has been standing there for years long before i started driving as the first time i saw this place i was about 16/17 years old. The farm house is destroyed no other words for it the roof is all caved in as are the floors and the basement can now be seen. Its also had a fire at some point as has the guest house. We visited this one Friday evening as my partners son really wanted to see what it was we explored and do his own videos! So excuse the pics i was getting used to my camera it was the first time since i had got it that i tried it out..... We started in the guest house. Still old wallpaper remaining. Now some of the farm house.
  9. UK

    Well This was our last stop off on the way home from Wales at the weekend. To our surprise the place still had power. This by far has to be one of the strangest explores we have done from the moment we entered the first building it was an uneasy feeling and we dont spook easy. Its not like a normal explore as the buildings are not that old at all but a fully abandoned business park. Was not in the worst of states we have seen when on some of our explores. It has had wiring stripped in one corridor. All the doors were unlocked and most swinging open a few smashed internal windows also. There were some strange sounds in one of the buildings and we could not work out.
  10. UK

    Its not to bad hun i had done the tendon in my knee the day before and was struggling but still managed to get in the building lol.. Thank you. Your welcome to join us next time we go.
  11. Lets start with some history.... Tower Colliery was the oldest continuously working deep-coal min in the United kingdom and possibly the world until its closure in 2008. It is the last mine of its kind to remain in the South Wales Valleys. With coal located so close to the surface it was known by locals to be possible to drift mine coal from Hiwaun. This activity increased from 1805 until 1864 the first drift named Tower was started named after the nearby Crawshays Tower, a folly built in 1848. In 1941 the new shaft was sunk to a depth of 160 meters. From 1943 until closure, this sharft was used as the main "return" ventilation shaft and for the transport of men, in 1958 Tower No. 3 was driven to meet the No. 4 colliery workings, and was used as the main "intake" airways; conveying coal to the sureface and transporting materials into the mine working ares. The Aberdare Branch of Merthyr line continued north from Aberdare railway station to the colliery. While passenger services terminate in Aberdare , freight services operated several times a day along this stretch of line, directly owned by the colliery. This place was a GEM!!! We parked up and walked right on site it did say there was CCTV but it did not look to be working so we took our chances and the first building we came to was the medical building. This place was amazing lots to see hardly anything was broken so really untouched. We must have been there for 2 hours before we bumped into two other explorer's. We gave each other a fright stood and had a quick chat then went our own ways. The next building was as good as the first one. There was still mains water running also. This was a great way to end day one in South Wales. Some Photos and a Video excuse Dan's Giggling he was loving the place and the fact it was untouched. I have under 200 photos but Flickr only unloaded a few i think we had a power out as i left it uploading over night so have had to start the upload again. The VIDEO.... Please Enjoy......... Amazing place.
  12. UK

    We will be visiting there again i believe such an amazing place.
  13. UK

    That place was great i loved it. We have definitely got the bug hehe even my birthday is a few nights away with lots of exploring planned as i could not say what i wanted lol. x Could not think of a better way to spend it either!!
  14. UK

    Thank you x
  15. UK

    Could not find any history on this place no matter how hard i tried too. This one is tucked away in a small woods. I believe it was built for the old Victorian House close by. After a walk through a farmers field we came to the wooded area into what looked like some kind of conservation area and walked a little further and found the tower and well/pumping station had to climb over a small fence. Could not gain access to the pumping station/well. There is also a video this was one of first ever explores too so excuse the footage it was all done by a phone Camera but there's lots of videos on the other half's page but you will have to excuse a few of the last ones!!! But they could give you a laugh.


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