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  1. Finding new places to explore

    When I have been looking for places to explore I've been looking for places relatively close to me to photograph. Most of the places tho have been ransacked and vandalised. Recently tho I visted a place that hasn't been expored yet or trashed and I would like to be able to capture more of those places. I've seen posts like one which I think is amazing. So how do you guys find these places, is it local knowledge and word of mouth? do you guys reach out to the owners of these places to see if they would be open to let you take photos?
  2. UK St Crispin's Hospital, Northants - May 17

    Nice photos @Angels05Astra The clock tower looks great, most of the time the glass is smashed, is it possible to still get up into the tower?
  3. UK A Mine and Mill in Scotland

    This was an old Mine and Mill in Scotland I visited that has been around since the 1820s it was rebuilt after WWII when German Bombers dropped inceduries onto it. The lift and mine shaft to the mine is still pretty much intact so I think it may be possible to maybe descend with a rope into the mine it's self. There was a CCTV camera on one of the windows of the buildings but I'm sure this was a fake one and just there as a deterent to looters. It is the first explore I have done where vandals and looters havent yet ransacked the area so I decided to keep the name of the area private but if anyone wants to visit then shoot me a pm.
  4. I've seen this location posted a few times but not recently, so decided to take a trip and see what it's like now. There is a house to the east of the site that appears that someone is living there a I saw two cars drive through the site towards the house.
  5. The Big Idea opened on April 15 2000 and cost of £14 million. It was built at the Ardeer Peninsula, near Irvine, on land that had been donated from ICI that also had an explosives factory and testing facility nearby. It was closed in September 2003 after not attracting enough visitors to keep it open. I couldn't get inside the building itself but through the windows I could still some of the exhibit’s that are said to be for sale but since it closed they appear to remain unsold.
  6. Hail Well met!

    Hi Joined here after joining the Oblivion State Facebook group. Just getting into Urban Exploration. Loving it so far.