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  1. Slovakia Cinematic Urbex - hoping for a change

    Thanks for taking the time to post your video
  2. Germany The clowns dancing

    That's different for sure, nicely done and an interesting read on how the explore unfolded!!
  3. Gavin40

    Welcome along to the madness Gavin
  4. Italy Villa SS, Italy - September 2017

    Like the look of this, my kind of place
  5. France Hospital Plaza - december 2016

    Those photos are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting the report.
  6. Germany Bauernhaus S. - 2017

    Looks nice to me, well captured
  7. So much variety to this, fantastic stuff. Slight shame about the graff on the last one but never mind.....
  8. good morning from Superully in Germany

    Hello Ully Welcome along. Thanks for taking the time to put together a great introduction! If I could respectfully say that promotion is kept to a minimum as the forum is essentially a place to share experiences, stories, ideas, reports and images (with the emphasis on stills as mentioned) Looking forward to seeing your stuff...
  9. UK 1787 Church, Scotland - Oct 15

    OK so its a bit untidy Would have been rude not to take a peep inside though.
  10. Germany Gray chapel... [visit 06/2k17]

    Looks a very nice place and well captured. Probably the greyest chapel I've ever seen!
  11. Italy Metalworks - 05/2017

    Very nicely captured the variety of what's there. I wasn't expecting a ceiling like that
  12. Absolute belter that - very impressed
  13. That's a great way to introduce yourself! I love the way the decay is setting in and I am still looking out to visit an abandoned hotel
  14. Germany Theater Jodwede - 10/2017

    Awesome report and expertly photographed I like the unusual features there, sounds like you got in just in time!!
  15. Italy Villa V... - [visit 06/2k17]

    And they like their buildings well ventilated lol One hell of a shame for such an amazing place to get in such a state though...