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  1. UK

    This is one of the most ornate and beautiful chapels I've ever seen, even though its been deteriorating badly since closing around 1999. Bought at auction three years back, but it seems nothing has been done to stop it the rot. Call me cynical but sadly it's the same old story of cash-rich buyer sees a medium term investment on a listed building. The plan? Simple: let it get beyond repair, knock it down and build some shitty apartments thereby making a handsome return on the investment. I hope I'm wrong. It was built in 1842, rebuilt in 1867 and elaborated in 1890. In its day this place would have hosted the biggest and most important events and in a back room here there was a meeting that ended up having a huge impact on recent Welsh history. In fact there's a blue plaque outside to commemorate it. On with the pics - Be seeing you
  2. Awesome place and lighting
  3. UK

    Excellent stuff, pic #12 is a belter!
  4. Welcome to the forum Gaz, hope you can get out and enjoy some proper exploring without any erm 'distractions'
  5. A cracking explore that for sure, really atmospheric pics show how those seats have lain empty for so long....
  6. UK

    Thats a really cool report! I think the power being on really adds to it and I have to say I wasn't expecting the wheelchair!!!
  7. UK

    Very nice!
  8. USA

    Looks an awesome place to spend a few hours, love that decay and well captured Double thumbs up!
  9. Serbia

    Awesome place and I love the photos
  10. I love to see places like this - stunning capture !
  11. Italy

    Yeah I know what you mean, the more easy access the less relaxing!
  12. UK

    Nice to see its just natural decay Weetabix floors lol
  13. Belgium

    Excellent series of pictures you got there, some nice different subjects. Great stuff!! I liked that printing thing too
  14. UK

    Some nice memorabilia left there and good of them to leave the leccie on for you! Shame that another small independent venue bites the dust though


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