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  1. Thanks for the update on both of these @urbexpm and useful to know Sadly it pretty much sums up the way 'the scene' works. Sabre cottage got a lot of attention for a while and tbh I know what you mean - it wouldn't have been a surprise if the same kind of imbecile who took the pram would have taken some stuffed animals...
  2. Looks awesome that and some top pics !
  3. UK

    Oh dear, beyond economic repair I'd say
  4. That's a damn fine looking place. Nailed it!!
  5. Hi there When I started it was like you said - places were mostly trashed and shitty but gradually with a bit of research, getting out and about, meeting people it got better - nicer places & more under the radar. Sometimes with abandoned houses its just pure luck! As for the link you put I didn't see it when it was posted and if I'd found that place I would have pinched myself and thought holy fuck I've struck gold here!
  6. UK

    A wonderful collection this @Urbexbandoned I feel the same with the personal stuff but as long as its done respectfully I like to build up a picture of who lived in these places.
  7. UK

    Spooky music Shame its so trashed but hey ho.....
  8. UK

    Fascinating place to spend a few hours, excellent report!!!
  9. You've got some cracking pics there, really been wanting to see this place myself before it gets a total death trap.
  10. Yeah the plans have been approved to demolish the east wing, or in other words the less interesting bit.
  11. UK

    This is one of the most ornate and beautiful chapels I've ever seen, even though its been deteriorating badly since closing around 1999. Bought at auction three years back, but it seems nothing has been done to stop it the rot. Call me cynical but sadly it's the same old story of cash-rich buyer sees a medium term investment on a listed building. The plan? Simple: let it get beyond repair, knock it down and build some shitty apartments thereby making a handsome return on the investment. I hope I'm wrong. It was built in 1842, rebuilt in 1867 and elaborated in 1890. In its day this place would have hosted the biggest and most important events and in a back room here there was a meeting that ended up having a huge impact on recent Welsh history. In fact there's a blue plaque outside to commemorate it. On with the pics - Be seeing you
  12. Awesome place and lighting
  13. UK

    Excellent stuff, pic #12 is a belter!
  14. Faded grandeur: I love it!


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