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  1. doors and doorways

    Here's a few of my doors and doorways. I'll start with asylums, you're guaranteed to see lots and lots of photogenic doors... Nuclear bunker blast door Vagrants ward (remnant of an old workhouse) Prison H15 Sheffield courthouse cell Pritzer Fac Cambridge Military Hospital Childrens ward And of course possibly the most iconic doors ever....
  2. Endless Corridors

    Maybe one or two you haven't covered @hamtagger
  3. Endless Corridors

    There's some corkers there mate!
  4. UK The Cold Slabs - Jan 2018

    That's a bit tasty
  5. Post a pic that reminds you of a great explore

    This is a great idea, I'll go digging through the archives when I get home
  6. Other BeLux-Industry-Tour, September 2017

    Great report that Nico, I would be happy to see some more if you have the chance
  7. UK St John's Hospital , Lincolnshire - Feb 2018

    It's interesting to see how the place looks these days. I appreciate you will have put a lot of effort into editing the video. What I would say is realistically I'm not sure if people's attention span is going to stretch to 24 minutes. Just my opinion of course. Maybe it reflects the fact I'm getting on a bit but there's so much to do and so little time, I'd say to aim for 5-10 minutes.
  8. Poland Resort - Poland, 2018

    Liking this a lot

    Bloody hell what a collection that is!!!! As The Raw said, quite a few I've not even heard of let alone seen before. Part of me thinks it's great to see these fascinating historical places have been documented properly before the vast majority got demolished or redeveloped. The other part of me is insanely jealous
  10. Poland Cinema, Poland - 2018

    Fantastic report again! Great details.
  11. Poland Ironworks

    Really great collection of photographs, enjoyed looking at these. It looks like an amazing location - the kind of place you could spend many hours and lose track of time!
  12. Poland Family crypt

    Thats an amazing find and some great photos. The different sized coffins in particular are very striking .
  13. Poland Mortuary, Poland- 2017

    That's a great report, I like the way your photographs and words capture the feeling of the place
  14. UK 25 million mansion

    Seems like an interesting back story to this lol
  15. UK Sheffield Crown Court - January 2018

    Good to see an update on the old girl and you got some nice different shots/angles there. Always fancied a revisit here although I'm not sure I'm up to the current access
  16. UK Ushaw Seminary Complex 2014 - 2015

    Worth bumping, as you said @The Amateur Wanderer its the complete report showing areas not seen before. Bloody marvellous and that main church is breathtaking!!!
  17. doors and doorways

    Some nice examples and a great idea for a themed thread @little_boy_explores
  18. UK Severalls Hospital

    Thats a shame (from your pics like there was a few access points) probably the most epic corridors I've ever seen
  19. Pretty much summed up by @Urbexbandoned really. Regarding access, while I'm not personally sure what the score is with the place at the moment I'd say that as you're based in Liverpool its not far so you could keep trying - perseverance can often pay off - I can say from experience! Also from experience I know that the more I got involved, interact, share reports etc then others will be more inclined to help with access and locations....
  20. Thanks for posting and welcome! As it happens one of my first ever explores was a place very similar to this in the UK...
  21. UK George hotel, Huddersfield - January 2018

    Speaking as a fan of rugby league, I do hope this place gets taken over by someone who puts their money where their mouth is. So far its still in decent nick obviously - there's some lovely features and you got some nice detail shots too.
  22. UK Harperbury Asylum Re-Visted

    Hope you had a dabble with the table footy!
  23. UK Eastry Workhouse Jan 2018

    Some sorry looking buildings there. One thing I would say is the running time could be trimmed a bit just to keep peoples attention
  24. Germany Haus der Offiezere - Germany, September 2016 & March 2017

    Terrific report in every way, please don't hesitate to post some more !!!