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  1. Dials

    Very nice work , I'll just settle for looking as I haven't got any worthwhile ones to contribute here..
  2. UK Kaserne Krampnitz, Germany - June 2017

    Very nice that mate, as you say sometimes you can't beat a solo mooch. Really like those old soviet murals and artworks.
  3. UK TG Greens, Derbyshire. April 2017

    Some cracking images you got there reminds me a bit of George Barnsley, really liking it. This seems to be a place that has been 'on the map' for years and from the reports I see it surprisingly seems to get better and better!! Have there been new bits opening up I wonder? Must get my sorry arse round there at some point soon.....
  4. Liking the pics that show a bit of decay - just my taste Also nice to see somewhere different
  5. The Blue Hospital (Nov 2014)

    Visited with a non forum member - This hospital is part of a large former military camp which was taken over by the Red Army in 1945 until they left in 1990. Since then it has sat empty, slowly decaying. In my time I've happily wandered around many abandoned places with no bother including 4 different asylums on my own but, I'm not kidding this place really gave me the creeps. Evidence on the walls of the unmistakable Soviet presence once here - Till next time....be seeing you!
  6. UK St Mary's Church - July 2017

    Looks a very nice place that. Sometimes its worth a wedgie
  7. UK Chaos Manor - April 2017

    Very appropriate name - it sure looks chaotic! Even so it still seems a cool place to explore.
  8. Even though its stripped you've got some good images there to get an idea of the place. Nice share
  9. UK HM Prison Blunderston - July 2017

    Fantastic irony that we strange folk are desperate to get into a place that so many were desperate to get out of
  10. Nice one And jeez - 8 in one day, that's going some!!!
  11. UK Bron Y Grath Vagrants Wing - May 2017

    Nice set you got there. That's what struck me - how long it seems untouched and there must be so few of these places left, anywhere. Actually I don't remember seeing the cell in Picture 2.....dammit I'll need to have another look!
  12. I've got a bit of a thing for theatres and cinemas and this one had been tightly sealed for many years and had the reputation of being a real tough nut to crack. When I heard there was a whiff of a chance I realised that I had to act quick if I was to get inside this rather special place. I'm certainly glad I made the effort! Here's a bit of history n' stuff - The ABC Cinema is Grade II listed. It rounds the corner of Lime Street and is one of the first historic buildings, still standing, that visitors see when leaving Lime Street Station. ABC acquired the building in 1930, known as The Forum, it opened a year later to become one of the finest cinemas of the era. The six storey exterior was designed by A. E. Shannon and its sleek portland stone has very little decoration other than motifs over the entrance. Despite this, the building remains a very distinct feature on Lime Street. The building is listed for its grand interior, which was later subdivided, which is said to remain one of designer William R. Glen's best cinemas. There's a news report from December 2016 reporting that the City Council had sold the building to Neptune Investments who say “The next major phase of Lime Street regeneration is now coming forward with the refurbishment and re-opening of the former ABC cinema building on the corner of Lime Street as a major new music and live entertainment venue for the city.” A planning application is due to be submitted shortly, with an aim of giving the city a venue of "international standing", that will see the former cinema converted to hold crowds of up to 1,500 for live performances in its famous auditorium, with complementary ancillary uses.
  13. You got some great shots there mate, I rather liked this place and was very interesting. Btw I love the description of the farming activities going on!!
  14. UK Classical Chapel (November 2016)

    This is one of the most ornate and beautiful chapels I've ever seen, even though its been deteriorating badly since closing around 1999. Bought at auction three years back, but it seems nothing has been done to stop it the rot. Call me cynical but sadly it's the same old story of cash-rich buyer sees a medium term investment on a listed building. The plan? Simple: let it get beyond repair, knock it down and build some shitty apartments thereby making a handsome return on the investment. I hope I'm wrong. It was built in 1842, rebuilt in 1867 and elaborated in 1890. In its day this place would have hosted the biggest and most important events and in a back room here there was a meeting that ended up having a huge impact on recent Welsh history. In fact there's a blue plaque outside to commemorate it. On with the pics - Be seeing you
  15. UK Abandoned Apothecary

    Sensational time capsule
  16. Luxembourg Power Plant X, Luxembourg - April 2017

    That's a stonking set of pics - love it!!!
  17. Liking this a lot, the pic with the desk is ace!
  18. Nice features still to be seen & well done on getting in
  19. The local chavs are spoilt for choice for things to trash what with the derp hotel next door.... Like the chair sculpture btw!
  20. News on Sabre house and a tidbit on Lullaby cottage

    Thanks for the update on both of these @urbexpm and useful to know Sadly it pretty much sums up the way 'the scene' works. Sabre cottage got a lot of attention for a while and tbh I know what you mean - it wouldn't have been a surprise if the same kind of imbecile who took the pram would have taken some stuffed animals...
  21. Looks awesome that and some top pics !
  22. UK Moretyne House 04/17

    Oh dear, beyond economic repair I'd say
  23. That's a damn fine looking place. Nailed it!!
  24. Finding new places to explore

    Hi there When I started it was like you said - places were mostly trashed and shitty but gradually with a bit of research, getting out and about, meeting people it got better - nicer places & more under the radar. Sometimes with abandoned houses its just pure luck! As for the link you put I didn't see it when it was posted and if I'd found that place I would have pinched myself and thought holy fuck I've struck gold here!


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