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  1. Absolute belter that - very impressed
  2. That's a great way to introduce yourself! I love the way the decay is setting in and I am still looking out to visit an abandoned hotel
  3. Germany Theater Jodwede - 10/2017

    Awesome report and expertly photographed I like the unusual features there, sounds like you got in just in time!!
  4. Italy Villa V... - [visit 06/2k17]

    And they like their buildings well ventilated lol One hell of a shame for such an amazing place to get in such a state though...
  5. Other Miner hospital in Hungary

    Really like the look of this, great natural decay!
  6. Cranked side reporting for duty!

    Welcome to the forum @Cranked side, I completely agree with what you say. Sometimes there are just loads of questions and no answers or maybe we can figure out some info and guess the missing bits. Often it's awesome just to wander around and experience the atmosphere, you just can't beat it!!!
  7. Oh my giddy aunt There's so much I love about what I see here!!!! The natural decay! The ceiling! The rippling floor! I think I need to lie down...
  8. As above - a warm welcome to OS! Once you got a lead it's worth persevering, as you've found here. I guess an estate agent might say would benefit from some modernisation....
  9. USA The Ghost of St Nicholas

    Thanks for adding this report @yonaguni It looks like a really interesting place. Can you check on the links of some of your images as they aren't showing up properly?
  10. UK Church of St George (visited 07/2017)

    Looks a nice find Andy
  11. Hi guys! Newbie from London!

    Welcome along! Not sure about official jungles but I've plenty of experience of brambles and nettles. Always carry a tripod!
  12. Not personally, but there's plenty of scope for it out there. For example - http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/inside-hulme-hippodrome-how-squatters-13562709
  13. Belgium Shutter Island August '17

    Looks amazing! Would love to see more pics.
  14. I was wondering why you don't hear much talk of chavs anymore. No doubt having him as a companion albeit briefly must have added to the whole experience.
  15. UK North Staffordshire infirmary sept 2017

    Looks like a nice slice of epicness there and a good day out I'd imagine!
  16. France Ouvrage Latiremont, France - August 2017

    Wowee that looks epic man! Just looking at the pics made me feel a bit disoriented .....
  17. Belgium Laundry Day august 2017

    You've got some great shots there. I get the significance of laundry day now!
  18. UK Hobbits House - Aug 17

    Trippy looking place man
  19. UK Essence house

    Awesome collection that
  20. UK Salem Chapel, Arthog, North Wales – May 2017

    Nice little place that, pic#4 is a belter
  21. Top notch that fella
  22. This was a chance find in late 2015 with a second visit in early 2016. Although someone - presumably a family member - had tried to do some 'sorting' they hadn't got very far. At the time it had been un-lived in for quite some years I'd say. There wasn't much to reveal specific detail about who had lived there and everything seemed to point to a perfectly middle-class respectability. Magazines about gardening, commemorative crockery etc. A cupboard for bottles of booze, almost all unopened, so a picture of restraint and moderation. However I then saw a full carousel of slide photographs. I picked one out expecting it to probably be a holiday snap from a seaside resort. It wasn't pictures of Bournemouth, although they could have been taken in the 70's. The whole lot was of very well-endowed gentlemen who must have been somewhere really hot because they had to take all their clothes off In the interest of taste and decency these have not made the final collection but I hope you still enjoy the report. Beware the giant butterfly Update - work has now started on major renovations to the house and gardens
  23. New Zealand St. James Church and Hall, Auckland - June 2017

    Some nice pics there and as usual an entertaining write up, reminding me of long smelly road trips with very little sleep!
  24. New Zealand Outlaw Biker Den, Papanui Junction - June 2017

    Excellent report of something totally different. Although its a shithole its a fascinating one, great to see a place that would normally be well out of bounds for everyday folk. RIP Snake