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  1. USA Westborough State Hospital March 17

    Looks an awesome place to spend a few hours, love that decay and well captured Double thumbs up!
  2. Serbia Thermoelectric factory, March 2017

    Awesome place and I love the photos
  3. Mad Scientist's Lab, Poland (May 2015)

    I love to see places like this - stunning capture !
  4. Italy Multisala, July 2016

    Yeah I know what you mean, the more easy access the less relaxing!
  5. Just a brief report as this place was tiny but still had a few little bits left behind to make it interesting. In Wales, chapels were built everywhere - literally - and quite often there would also be a small house either joined to it or very close by. This was the case here, a caretaker would have a home provided in return for looking after the chapel and other things like maybe doing some paperwork. And not forgetting the most important job - making tea!!!
  6. UK Eckersley mill wigan march 2017

    Nice to see its just natural decay Weetabix floors lol
  7. Belgium Gazet van Antwerpen - Belgium (visited June 2013)

    Excellent series of pictures you got there, some nice different subjects. Great stuff!! I liked that printing thing too
  8. UK The Square - Essex - March 2017

    Some nice memorabilia left there and good of them to leave the leccie on for you! Shame that another small independent venue bites the dust though
  9. USA The Smokehouse, USA, 2016

    There's some lovely features left and I hope the place can be restored, it certainly deserves to be.
  10. Italy Multisala, July 2016

    This place looks awesome, shame you didn't see all of it but you got some great photos.
  11. Hello from Italy

    Hello Diego Welcome to Oblivion State, glad to see you've posted some videos already. If you got any questions just give me or any admin a shout! Looking forward to seeing more from Italy, it's somewhere I'd love to visit - there seem to be lots of awesome places to explore!
  12. UK Selena House Swindon March 2017

    Some health and safety matters need addressing there Get stuck in newbies!
  13. UK Mountfield House Devon

    Awesome looking place, not often a UK manor comes up on the radar as good as this Always nice to see a mangy looking stuffed fox lol. Oh and I think we know someone who might like another Triumph Acclaim!!
  14. That's a bit lush and the name is ace !
  15. HFC - Belgium - May 2016

    Thats a lovely set of pics, looks a cool place. Nice work switching the memory cards, does seem a bit over zealous of them to destroy it
  16. Very photogenic location, looks a good way to spend an hour or so!
  17. UK The lost lido..Febuary 2017

    Looks very tranquil, nicely photographed. It would be great if you could post them in its heyday
  18. Other Ghost town Akarmara. Abkhazia.

    Enjoyed watching that, I never knew of this place. It seems nature is definitely regaining control. There was an interesting glimpse of an apartment I wonder did the people leave a lot of things behind...
  19. UK Bletchley Park, D Block. February 2017

    Stunning to see this - excellent stuff!
  20. Germany Mausoleum of a baron (visited 02/2017)

    Lovely place that, must have been one important dude in his time!
  21. UK Vincent Lodge - February 2017

    Not seen this before, thanks for posting
  22. UK Hospital Mortuary - Northern Ireland - February 2017

    That's very very nice indeed. Great little find that guys
  23. Enjoy a good beer!

    Welcome to OS, thanks for putting that introduction together. Look forward to seeing the results of your trip
  24. UK Old park farm , Wakefield November 2016

    Thanks for sharing and putting the vid together. As for feedback, the first thing I'd say is that it could do with being a fair bit shorter. Clocking in at almost 5 minutes is pushing most peoples attention span to be fair - it needs to be a pretty epic place or some drama to keep the viewer glued One way I might describe it is a study in how far can a building decay before it is just a pile of dust!! I do like the mix of stills and moving footage especially the black and white pics that are in there. At the end of the day its about getting out there and enjoying yourself and living to tell the tale