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  1. UK Saunders Roe, Anglesey October 16

    Nice varied collection
  2. UK ysgol y bont September 16

    Some nice shots of the various bits left behind
  3. UK Requiem for Severalls

    This is my first 'video', basically a series of stills set to music but its a start!! While there is a feeling in the explore community of a sad loss of Sevs, it must be remembered that a good many people will be glad to see it gone. There were large numbers committed there without good reason (especially women) and were used for medical experiments that are now considered barbaric. I thought it would be an appropriate time as most of it is now being demolished. Its weird to think that during the last 4-5 years, the 'Big Three' must-see sites in the south of England were Sevs, CMH and Haslar, and all 3 are currently undergoing major redevelopment and off the exploring radar for good it seems.
  4. UK Requiem for Severalls

    Just once for me too, and I probably missed some bits
  5. Germany Small Brewery - September 2016

    Shows that size isn't everything! Very nice
  6. UK St Cadocs Hospital - Caerleon - Wales - Dec 16

    Like the look of this very much, nicely captured. Its not all that bad above ground eh?!
  7. UK Chaos Manor

    Chaos Manor - very appropriate. Shame its been left to get to that state though.
  8. UK The Rest - Porthcawl - Wales - Dec 16

    Nice one mate, that collection of plaques is quite poignant.
  9. UK Church of dead crows..August 2016

    Looks a very nice find, lovely features left behind too. That round window is bootiful
  10. Beautiful photos, and the staircase is probably the most wonderful I've ever seen!!
  11. Some great shots there and nice to see somewhere off the beaten track
  12. You can't beat a cheeky little bonus explore!
  13. Hello

    Hi We're a friendly bunch here so if you've got any questions or concerns just shout up
  14. Hello from France

    Hello Nico !! Look forward to seeing some of the places you've seen.
  15. Fantastic stuff, great to see. Agree about that carousel . Might have to have a sniff around when I make my annual trip to Skeggy
  16. There's a mill here in Yorkshire that I'm reminded of, this place has a similar kind of randomness to it. Maybe one day I'll get round to putting a report together and let my imagination run amok as you have here
  17. Some real nice shots there. Quality not quantity!
  18. A sad commentary - the effect of the elements you can accept but deliberate damage is something else totally
  19. UK HM Prison Reading, Novembe 2016 (Permission visit)

    It's worthy of its place in here for my money. I'd have jumped at the opportunity. Fascinating in many ways and very nicely shot.
  20. Some nice photos you got there even though it's stripped
  21. That looks a sensational location, if it was me I'd say I've hit the jackpot with that! I'm guessing that number 6 7 and 8 are cells? Some of the others look quite cosy
  22. Ireland Our Lady's Mental Hospital, Ennis, Ireland November 2016

    Nice to see a different asylum and great write up as usual. Await part 2 with interest!
  23. Belgium Viva Kadett

    I would agree to be honest
  24. UK Hospital Plaza, France - November 2016

    Very nice
  25. That's a fucking gem you've found right there. Love that faded grandeur and well captured man.


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