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  1. Not personally, but there's plenty of scope for it out there. For example - http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/inside-hulme-hippodrome-how-squatters-13562709
  2. Looks amazing! Would love to see more pics.
  3. I was wondering why you don't hear much talk of chavs anymore. No doubt having him as a companion albeit briefly must have added to the whole experience.
  4. Looks like a nice slice of epicness there and a good day out I'd imagine!
  5. Wowee that looks epic man! Just looking at the pics made me feel a bit disoriented .....
  6. You've got some great shots there. I get the significance of laundry day now!
  7. This was a chance find in late 2015 with a second visit in early 2016. Although someone - presumably a family member - had tried to do some 'sorting' they hadn't got very far. At the time it had been un-lived in for quite some years I'd say. There wasn't much to reveal specific detail about who had lived there and everything seemed to point to a perfectly middle-class respectability. Magazines about gardening, commemorative crockery etc. A cupboard for bottles of booze, almost all unopened, so a picture of restraint and moderation. However I then saw a full carousel of slide photographs. I picked one out expecting it to probably be a holiday snap from a seaside resort. It wasn't pictures of Bournemouth, although they could have been taken in the 70's. The whole lot was of very well-endowed gentlemen who must have been somewhere really hot because they had to take all their clothes off In the interest of taste and decency these have not made the final collection but I hope you still enjoy the report. Beware the giant butterfly Update - work has now started on major renovations to the house and gardens
  8. Some nice pics there and as usual an entertaining write up, reminding me of long smelly road trips with very little sleep!
  9. Excellent report of something totally different. Although its a shithole its a fascinating one, great to see a place that would normally be well out of bounds for everyday folk. RIP Snake
  10. Sounds a challenging explore that. Agree with @coolboyslim its sad to think that's someone's lifetime in untidy heaps there.
  11. Great little find that and the written report made me lol especially the "history"
  12. Hello folks! This site is quite well known I would say - workers left the site for the last time in 2007. It was opened in 1962 as Ferodo brake components and all was dandy for almost 40 years until it was taken over by Friction Dynamics then things went tits up. It was the scene of one of the longest running industrial disputes ever with the T&GW union that lasted 2 and a half years. In the 10 years since it closed its been ravaged by storms, fire, general vandalism and corrosion due to the coastal location. So its an understatement to say its in pretty poor shape! Still, that doesn't mean I didn't find it interesting. I was actually walking to my sisters house to pick up my car and happened to be walking past so popped in to look around. I expected to see a complete dead loss, the kind of place its not worth taking the camera out of the bag. But I saw plenty to decide I'd come back with my camera gear. I decided to do something totally radical that I hadn't done before - do the entire set in Black & White. Here goes..... There are 3 separate buildings, this one housed the heavy industry, generating the power. The second building is the admin block Not so much left in there so onwards to the main building which is VAST! This is probably what most people will see when first entering, although there must be at least 20 other access points! There is a building inside the building I'd be interested to know what these big hanging things are/were in the next 2 pics And this is what held them in place up in the roof Sometimes when there's no epic stuff its the little things, the traces of what's left that I find fascinating. At some point this gloopy stuff had leaked and then set rock solid No security here but I was worried about projectiles of shit from above - a seagull with attitude dropped one a couple of feet away as I took this external
  13. Very nice work , I'll just settle for looking as I haven't got any worthwhile ones to contribute here..
  14. Very nice that mate, as you say sometimes you can't beat a solo mooch. Really like those old soviet murals and artworks.
  15. Some cracking images you got there reminds me a bit of George Barnsley, really liking it. This seems to be a place that has been 'on the map' for years and from the reports I see it surprisingly seems to get better and better!! Have there been new bits opening up I wonder? Must get my sorry arse round there at some point soon.....
  16. Liking the pics that show a bit of decay - just my taste Also nice to see somewhere different
  17. Visited with a non forum member - This hospital is part of a large former military camp which was taken over by the Red Army in 1945 until they left in 1990. Since then it has sat empty, slowly decaying. In my time I've happily wandered around many abandoned places with no bother including 4 different asylums on my own but, I'm not kidding this place really gave me the creeps. Evidence on the walls of the unmistakable Soviet presence once here - Till next time....be seeing you!
  18. Looks a very nice place that. Sometimes its worth a wedgie