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  1. UK Why Heulog - Visited October 2013

    Top notch collection this - superb. Every time I see this place it moves me, I have the same urge to experience it myself. I must try to put some time aside.
  2. UK Lancashire Church (Visited - August 2013) Sept 2013

    What a beauty, I love the last one!!!
  3. One of the most awesome sets of this place I'd say, even if it is sans teapot.
  4. Hells bells man that is stunning. Now most definitely on my list.
  5. UK Asylum T, Wales, September 2013

    I agree. If in doubt, code it! There are a few coded places I would love to find out the location but for now I'd rather it stay that way and it's up to me to make the effort and maybe one day crack it. The set of pics is superb, you've done a grand job.
  6. Recommended viewing

    Hi folks If you have a spare 75 minutes, you could do a lot worse than watch this belting documentary - Requiem for Detroit? If you've not already seen it, it's really worth watching - not just from an exploring point of view. Julien Temple's documentary covers Socio-economic-political themes of the worlds first post-industrial city. With great visuals and soundtrack. So go on, knock yourself out - put on your lounge pants, fix yourself a drink, and enjoy. You've only got until 01.18 on Wednesday 18th Sept. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00rkm3y/Requiem_for_Detroit/
  7. UK St George's Asylum - September 2013

    Smashing set that, some very cool lighting going on. Hope you caught up with some shut eye!
  8. Netherlands Big Monastery July 2013

    Blimey, I'm just gobsmacked. And the processing is spot on too.
  9. UK cannon brewery sep 2013

    Love that pic of all the barrels - quality!
  10. Love this place - you've captured it really well
  11. UK Severalls, Colchester - August 2013

    Your pics are amazing - those corridors are just lush!
  12. UK Gorgeous George Barnsleys - Sept 2013

    I don't think it's easy to get good urbex b&w but these are real top notch
  13. UK Walkergate Hospital, August 2013

    Bummer about the vending machine. Really enjoyed that report especially the jetpack toilet!
  14. "The grey area" of urbex

    I pretty much followed the advice above when I got nabbed and everything was tickety boo. I've heard of exceptions but my guess is that most seccas are just decent, ordinary folk trying to make a meagre living (that's basically what they said to me). There seem to be some douches on another well-known explore forum who thing it's clever to make secca look stupid. This is really not very helpful for everybody else.
  15. Mansfield Hospital

    Yesterday I was being defeatist; Today I am desperate. Wondering if there is anyone who - a) hasn't been here but is mad keen to go before it's too late has been and wants to go one more time Remember the 1st time you saw a photo of somewhere amazing and felt compelled and desperate to experience it? That's me. I've done a few explores on my own now but after a few fails I've learnt you have to know your limitations. It's not much fun being a singleton Please PM if possible & I would be eternally grateful. Apart from my dazzling wit and repartie I can even provide biscuits...
  16. UK Y Heulog Farmhouse - Aug - 2013

    Just incredible The glasses pic is especially good
  17. Mansfield Hospital

    OMG Missed out again
  18. UK THE ACID HOUSE. Dec '12.

    Crazy shit man! Well captured
  19. I guess this is referred to as the tourist trail; I hope there's a few different views along with the usuals. No introduction needed is there? Here is what it says on the plaque near the reception - This building was given by Mr & Mrs John North for the use of patients from the Leeds General Infirmary. In memory of their daughter, Ida. 1887 This building was actually a convalescent home and at the time would have been a peaceful rural setting with far-reaching views. Here's the other ward, not so often seen. The other end of the dark corridor. The same room, from the opposite ends (I couldn't decide which I liked best) The light corridor: There's another staircase, which weirdly just leads to this landing... ...and this small room Finally - it wouldn't be complete without this one STOP PRESS!!!! It seems that someone has 'removed' the purple mules
  20. UK Dalton Mills, Leeds (VISITED AUG 2011) 2013

    Looks pretty cool, was eyeing this up recently too.
  21. UK Hospital C, Tinshilltown. July 2013

    Ta very much I spent a while trying to straighten my angles! ========================================================== Re. the name - the place has surprisingly little wanton damage, just natural slow decay, and if I can do my little bit to keep it that way. It may be pissing into the wind but it makes me feel better.
  22. Belgium Home Sweet Home - July 2013

    Proper quality - one to be very pleased with
  23. Good lighting work there chief
  24. Pontins Blackpool

    OK. I'm going to say something controversial here. I love Butlins at Skeggy, can't wait to go back. Seeing this vid made me sad.