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  1. Shotgun Manor May '13

    Amazing place, well captured
  2. Saithe Hospital - March 2013

    Absolutely top drawer. Great set is that.
  3. Seamstress's cottage March 2013

    Agree about photos left behind - always poignant. The stairlift pic is also a belter.
  4. Very much an epic place. Love the dusty old phone! PS - great signs - any that say 'by order' are class.
  5. CC Millss, Yorkshire 3 visits (2012) 2013

    I'm liking this very much
  6. I can imagine it was disappointing but I still enjoyed looking through the set. Some smashing lighting
  7. A forlorn little place this. Built by the water board as part of a sewage works, which is no longer there. The last occupier probably lived there for quite some time and the house was put to auction in 2011 'needing complete modernisation'. Sold and caught fire within a week.
  8. Abandoned farm house, May 2013

    This has got everything for me - great details and some really poignant shots. A stunning set
  9. Im Home......Hi to All..

    Welcome. Very true what you say about being with like-minded friends.
  10. Belgium La Crypt -May 2013

    Never seen this before - truly epic dude
  11. Mental asylum list

    I believe the original Shelton has now closed and the operation has moved to a swanky new facility nearby. There's a fair chance I'll be spending some time in that area soon.
  12. Something a little different...jazzed up a little - any comments on the processing welcome. Shutters came down permanently in 2000. The obligatory arson attack happened in 2010. Still for sale I believe. Little chef has definitely left the building.
  13. Stunning set this. The processing is perfect for the atmosphere.
  14. coockridge Hospital, Apr 2013

    Great collection this, glad to see the chavs have not been too interested. The lighting for the chair shots are particularly fine!
  15. On a similar note - don't bother with Shipley Glen abandoned dodgems. I arrived to see a bloke burning some of the old timber frame. Another one bites the dust.
  16. Theatre Pee Pee - 2012

    Pretty damn good that
  17. Once would have been a fine building in it's day, I believe it's listed but not been able to find out when it was built. The offices attached are undergoing major interior repairs. This is what I've managed to find out. 2001 - major refurb costing £60k. 2005- closed it's doors. 2006 - planning application submitted to turn it into offices (also thought to include a clause that it's not to be returned to being a licensed premises -eh?) 2009- shutters came off & briefly re-opened, I think. Permanently closed since some time in 2009. Which one’s the ‘best room’? The pool room was at the back. The dartboard was gone of course, but there is still a ring of holes where the arrows missed the target... Living quarters And there you have it - my first report, finally, after a lot of head scratching and pestering in the chatroom. I'm sure many a tale could be told about this place and I've heard that the fictional character Keith Lemon was based on a one-time regular.
  18. The George, Leeds - 2013

    Appreciate the positive vibes out there Nice to get one on the board. Scattergun: no bar unfortunately, probably went the same way as the fireplaces. As for something different, I think I may have something up my sleeve........
  19. The Diary Keepers, April 2013

    I love these images - really atmospheric. It must have been super-amazing before!
  20. NKPS- 'The Bucket House' May '13

    Here Here. Absolutely. So poignant and so important to document.
  21. GT... Revisit May Day Bank Holiday - 2013

    Jeez, this is so amazing, my recent shit explores don't seem worth uploading. I'm picking up the crumbs that are left behind and sometimes not even getting the crumbs.
  22. I.u.e. - October 2012

    Holy smoke, what a place!
  23. Mellow yellow - Sept 2012

    Frozen in time, like everyone popped out for a quick fag (or whatever) and never came back. Cool.
  24. Hi everyone

    Welcome along, I'm new too!
  25. Another newbie

    Hi there. I've been an armchair follower for a while as I don't know any other explorers (hint, hint!) but I've finally got off my backside and been out exploring. Got 4 solo visits under my belt and have a list of must-sees. Be seeing you...perhaps


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