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  1. Stunning, just stunning. Would love to see this for real.
  2. That is pretty damn special, nice coloured lighting especially the last one - perfection for me.
  3. Sad to see a snooker table in such a state. Looks like it's a friendly welcome at the bar though
  4. Superb set that - epic. Very keen on the lighting in #19. Looks like a better result than my 2nd fail at Mansfield
  5. Love how the mood changes from light and beautiful corridor shot and lecture theatre to ... well ... the specimens that lurk somewhere. Great lighting, I imagine it's not easy. These Euro tours look so amazing, a different world to the one I sometimes inhabit.
  6. wooahh - and this is not even the main bit?? These are utterly stunning
  7. Yep that shot of the chairs is a total winner. Nice fireplaces too!
  8. Very true. And hello from me (originally from Oswestry!)
  9. Liking this set very much Nature 1 Buildings 0
  10. Glad it's still on the map, not heard much about it lately. Love the picture of the doors into the ballroom - a beauty!
  11. Very nice set. I understand the morgue's gone, and a few outbuildings knocked down ... and the legendary Mansfield 3333. The rest will take some time given the shed loads of asbestos. I'm going to have a look ASAP before it's too late.
  12. Fecking awesome & hats off to you. The one of the deer is just the funniest thing.
  13. ALL KILLER, NO FILLER!!!! Stunning photos. The quality & attention to detail always make me want to drop everything and head straight to the place.
  14. Looks good that, I liked the green carpet too!
  15. Seriously good images, every single one of them. Makes me think this is worthy of putting quite high on the list to do......
  16. [translation: small cottage] This is one of 2 former farmworkers cottages and it's been empty for about 25 years I'm reliably told. It's the one on the left below (the one on the right is also abandoned and owned by the same farmer but I didn't have the pleasure). This was taken in April when I had a nosey and all was sealed at that time. When I returned in September, the garden was a bit overgrown... Inside shows what years of neglect looks like. The floors in most of the rooms looked like death on a stick. Had to include this last one of the outside privvy. I'm sure we've all had the unfortunate situation of having a toilet but no toilet paper. Well here's a novel twist - toilet paper but no toilet!
  17. wow - immense corridors and some nice atmospheric shots
  18. Looks rather interesting although the photos don't really do it justice. There's much better ones elsewhere from 2011. Got to be good news that it may be one small step away from demolition. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-24744907
  19. Hi Neil I was in the same kind of boat, but I've now just posted my 10th report with more in the pipeline. Lara is right - it's addictive!
  20. Christ on a bike. Looks like this place has it all. Gobsmacked.