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  1. Belgium Villa Wespenstich...

    Nice little find that mate
  2. Italy Dark School of Music - October 2015

    Amazing set of pics and report. One of the best I've seen for a while! There's so many places in Italy I'd love to see
  3. UK Tower Colliery, South Wales Nov 2016

    That's a corker of an explore, right up there on the badly want list! Some great shots there and a bonus that the 'security' was a sound bloke.
  4. UK Friends Mission Hall, Shildon - May 2016

    Shame the idiots beat you to it, still a some nice bits n bobs left .
  5. That's bizarre, I don't remember seeing any pews in there Shame its been neglected so badly, still see the beauty in decay though.
  6. Another excellent report, loving pic no. 7
  7. Hi all from Mid Wales

    Sadly it seems to be a familiar story. It doesn't help that these 2 places are both right next to busy roads.
  8. Poland Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II Birkenau Poland Nov 16

    A thought provoking report backed up with exceptional images.
  9. Hi all from Mid Wales

    Welcome to the forum @urbexpm, there's a good selection of residential stuff in your patch there, although the situation with things can change so as you say it's a case of keeping an eye out. Good luck pal! Speedboat cottage had been secured as of about 6 months ago with a hand written note in the window saying all things of value have been stolen
  10. Italy Italy Oct 2016 : Blue Cross Church

    Stunning place, very nicely captured.
  11. OMG!! Its true - that really is the kind of place you dream of getting to explore. Glad you managed it so as to share these cool shots.
  12. Germany Clinicum Paralyticum April '16

    WOW!! Fantastic report, I love the description at the beginning - it really makes you sense how it felt to explore the place. I'm not the biggest fan of pristine looking hospitals with the 'just closed' look but these images are bang on the money!
  13. Same here - I'm a big fan of places like this and pic #2 is nicely lit as well. Quality report that man!
  14. That's an awesome set of pics. You've really captured the feel of the place - so many fragments of past lives there - fascinating. Hope you've got plenty more to share!!
  15. Serbia Fireproof bricks' factory, October 2016

    As usual great to see the places that you have explored, and reading about the history of them
  16. France Chapelle des Morts

    Beautiful place, nicely done
  17. Belgium Maison Radio October 2016

    That's a stunning place - so much interesting stuff left behind to see. These are the places I love the most, great report! I'm sure @Urbexbandoned would appreciate that wallpaper, somehow its awesome and horrendous at the same time!!
  18. UK Dannah House Nursing Home, Wroughton Oct 2016

    Some very nice decay there for sure, just shows that you don't always have to travel that far to find a cool place to explore.
  19. Cracking place that, cool report mate
  20. Hey from Salzburg, Austria

    That's a great introduction - thanks for putting it together. I agree you've got some great images. Hope your visit to London is successful, there's a few folks here that are rather keen on rooftopping....
  21. You've got some great shots there and some different perspective. Bloody shame about how the chapel now looks
  22. UK Liverpool old airport October 2016

    HAHA! I do like a site you can drive right into!! Looks cool - I like this a lot.
  23. Tucked away down a remote valley in Wales sits this beautiful old manor slowly getting worse for wear. As is usual with former homes it had me wondering what the back story was, and how it got to this situation. We may never know. One thing that's certain is the previous occupants were very creative, artistically. There seemed more in the way of sculpture with no sign of canvasses that I'd seen in other pics. I'd guess that the pressure of the upkeep of the place finally got too much, but to leave many of the things in there like that is a mystery to me. At least the washing up was done before they disappeared. Toodle pip!
  24. UK Coryton Oil Refinery, April 2016

    Oh yes - that is the business and no mistake! More posts please missus!!
  25. Wallpaper

    That's rather nice, in a retro kind of way


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