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  1. Some cracking shots and intriguing stories
  2. This one is quite a personal report for me. My mum remembers with fondness visiting the local cinema. During the 1940's and 50's before homes had TVs it wasn't just films that were shown - this is where you could see footage of the important news events of the day. For example she remembers school visits to see the Queens coronation and the celebration of Edmund Hillary conquering Everest. The Coliseum opened in 1931 with "Romance" starring Greta Garbo. It was partly art-deco style and seated 630. Its sound system was state of the art for its day and widely acknowledged as being perfect. Fast forward to 1983 and the management decided that it was no longer financially viable. However, the locals were not prepared to see their beloved picture house bite the dust so they clubbed together and it re-opened in 1984 and was mostly run by volunteers. 1,000 residents bought £50,000 worth of shares. Things seemed to be going well - in 1995 it hosted a European Premiere of First Knight starring Sean Connery and Richard Gere (although they didn't appear on the red carpet). Sadly despite all the efforts the venture couldn't carry on and the doors finally shut in January 2011. Worse news was to arrive 2014, when the group set up to save the cinema had its plans rejected by the Coliseum Shareholders, who voted to sell the property rather than grant a long-term lease to the Friends of The Coliseum. Once in the hands of the developers the game was up. I had been keeping an eye on the place for some time in the hope that I could have a sneaky mooch around inside. No such luck, I also asked for a permission visit but as there's no money in it for the developers this was ignored. So one day last February I happened to get speaking to the guy who was taking the seats out ready to be shipped to Sheffield. I was only able to take a few crap hurried shots in the dark auditorium. A couple of days later I had another look around the back and... BOOM.... an entry point! Perseverance had paid off in the nick of time. The photos you see were taken just a few days before demolition began. Almost one year on there's no apartments or redevelopment, just an empty space. The projectionists room A poignant reminder There were many quotes on the walls upstairs from classic films written by the projectionists over the years The lost property box I just wondered about all the people that would have gone up these stairs full of anticipation... Finally an exterior shot (not mine) taken during the good times. Some much older photos show it originally had a porch above the front steps and some 'embellishments' either side of the name. Well that's all folks - thanks for looking
  3. USA Tubs Church, USA, December 2016

    I like that a lot
  4. UK St Crispins - "The Clock Tower" December 16

    Nice set of pics - worth making the effort!
  5. That's an excellent set of photos. A true mystery as to why it was just left to decay. Fascinating and sad at the same time.
  6. Germany Soviet Military Camp "Finsterer Forst" (March '16)

    Must be a fascinating place to explore - I'm not surprised you've been many times!
  7. Hello from Hertfordshire

    Hello to you! Sounds like your pretty open to any aspects of the exploring game so that's cool
  8. New to This

    Welcome to the forum, hope you can find some like minded folk over there in your part of the world. We have members from the states on here so maybe someone can have a word with someone else.....after all the world's a pretty small place
  9. UK St Peter's Mortuary - Jan 2017

    When people haven't an ounce of creative talent I really wish they wouldn't have access to spraypaint. Rant over! Probably the dampest shithole I've been in lol
  10. The colours in pics 5 & 6 are fantastic, one of the things I love about redundant industrial places
  11. Really like how you've captured this place - the subtle details, close ups and some nice composition
  12. Such an awesome collection of images, and its a sad reminder that some fine buildings have disappeared .
  13. UK Saunders Roe, Anglesey October 16

    Nice varied collection
  14. UK ysgol y bont September 16

    Some nice shots of the various bits left behind
  15. UK Requiem for Severalls

    This is my first 'video', basically a series of stills set to music but its a start!! While there is a feeling in the explore community of a sad loss of Sevs, it must be remembered that a good many people will be glad to see it gone. There were large numbers committed there without good reason (especially women) and were used for medical experiments that are now considered barbaric. I thought it would be an appropriate time as most of it is now being demolished. Its weird to think that during the last 4-5 years, the 'Big Three' must-see sites in the south of England were Sevs, CMH and Haslar, and all 3 are currently undergoing major redevelopment and off the exploring radar for good it seems.
  16. UK Requiem for Severalls

    Just once for me too, and I probably missed some bits
  17. Germany Small Brewery - September 2016

    Shows that size isn't everything! Very nice
  18. UK St Cadocs Hospital - Caerleon - Wales - Dec 16

    Like the look of this very much, nicely captured. Its not all that bad above ground eh?!
  19. UK Chaos Manor

    Chaos Manor - very appropriate. Shame its been left to get to that state though.
  20. UK The Rest - Porthcawl - Wales - Dec 16

    Nice one mate, that collection of plaques is quite poignant.
  21. UK Church of dead crows..August 2016

    Looks a very nice find, lovely features left behind too. That round window is bootiful
  22. Beautiful photos, and the staircase is probably the most wonderful I've ever seen!!
  23. Some great shots there and nice to see somewhere off the beaten track
  24. You can't beat a cheeky little bonus explore!
  25. Hello

    Hi We're a friendly bunch here so if you've got any questions or concerns just shout up