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  1. Italy Pharmaceutical Laboratory

    Yeah, very interesting place.
  2. Italy Pharmaceutical Laboratory

    Hey guys! There is probably already a topic about this place but since I wanted to post a video I opened this new topic in the video section The facility was owned by a company which produced cosmetics. It was made of two parts: the laboratory for the creation and testing of new products and the factory, where products were produced for the market. The factory is quite worn-out and not very interesting to explore, while the laboratory and the offices are pretty well mantained. The (sadly) interesting part is that this company made a large use of animals to test their products: rats, rabbits, dogs and cats would bear unimaginable pain and eventually die just for the sake of testing cosmetics products. In the laboratory we will find an operating room (where I suppose all kind of testing were made) and rows of cages for the animals, along with a lot of laboratory equipment still there. I made a video about the exploration: it is in Italian but I added English subtitles (you'll have to turn them on in Youtube). Tell me if you like it, and if it is still enjoyable with the subtitles And here are some photos:
  3. Hello everyone I'm Enrico from Bergamo, Italy. I love photography and I've been exploring abandoned places for some months. I am an active user in the Italian urbex community forum but in the next month I will travel in Serbia and Romania, so I was looking for an international forum where I could find interesting spots and share my adventures I hope we'll get along! And if you know some places in those two countries please tell me! I have a youtube channel where I upload videos about my explorations. They are currently all in Italian but I'm planning to add english subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/enricovaloti I upload my urbex photos on my website (english): http://www.enricovaloti.it, just scroll down and select "Urbex" among the other categories and you'll find them easily. Cheers!


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