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  1. Cheers everyone! Thanks for your kind words!
  2. Cheers Skeleton Key, thanks for the spotlight!
  3. Solo Draino, by Gerv.

    Thanks Paul!
  4. Hello from Gerv!

    Cheers! Thanks everyone!
  5. Solo Draino, by Gerv.

    Thanks Nelly, Solo can be very dangerous as well. Especially in drains.
  6. Solo Draino, by Gerv.

    Cheers mate! Thanks for viewing.
  7. Hello from Gerv!

    Yes I did Doug! Thanks very much for the publish and the package. Awesome zine and I feel truly honored to have an article in an issue. I also will be mailing you down a package, just to say thanks ------ Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  8. Solo Draino, by Gerv.

    A solo explore and photographic tour of Portland Maine's Backwash drain. A tidal CSO. by Gerv 2012. https://vimeo.com/58277280 https://vimeo.com/58277280
  9. Some clips from Doug in Australia

    Great vids Doug ! Always a pleasure to view. I second the embed video option
  10. Hello, hello. My name is Gerv, I hail from the Northeast United States. I am the founder of UE Magazine and I enjoy the underground very much! Great site here and I am looking forward to being active on the forums. Cheers!
  11. Draining - There are things to consider

    Great write up Paul! Well done.