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  1. sweet. its so nice walking away from court not owing money....
  2. USA Automotive Plant Oct 2016

    i love that no one ever visits my floor
  3. USA The Smokehouse, USA, 2016

    those mantles are amazing
  4. USA army of the 12 monkeys

    lil place in my backyard... i've been coming to this spot for over a decade. tragically i've only picked up a camera a few years back. it's nice to be able to visit a location many times in the continuation of self improvement and documenting the destruction of a location. heres a few shots from over the past year: pano from last summer. i ran here one day as the sun set. i wanted to catch the lighting. belly of the boiler. behind the controls. another scrapper hard at work i see. test shop. looking down the next year would be sad times as kids from all over began to populate this place. i used to be able to walk around for weeks without running into a soul, and now there could be 30 kids here. in a short period of time shity taggers would desicrate the temple. angering the gods. even the snow doesnt cover that grime. she sure is a beauty tho. i've been to quite a few generating stations and none compare it felt like a train station grande hall. standing in the freezing cold taking a pic of snow falling (or ceiling) so ladylike everyones favorite hallway which was in a movie for 3 seconds. (relax-its photoshopped.....or is it???) until next time . . .
  5. USA Need Places to explore

    isnt geauga lake in ohio