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  1. Hey everybody! My name is Nico, I'm 24 and I live in eastern Germany. I heard of Urbex like one year ago and really liked the idea of it! Because my town isn't that rich speaking of Urbex locations, I was only a silent reader and viewer for a pretty long time, but some months ago I decided that I should go out and explore some places more often, and here I am! I did my first "Urbex" unknowingly at the age of 17 when a friend and I discovered an old transformer station in our town and decided to have a look at it as the door was open. I still remember how amazed we were as we sneaked through the building with eyes as big as plates. Unfortunately, the station isn't there anymore as it was torn down some years ago. But the feeling stayed, and I'm always ready for more experiences like that! Today, I've got a small EOS 750D to take photos and don't have to use my phone for it. If you like I'll upload some of the images I took at my latest locations. And yeah, we're doing a small trip through Belgium, Luxemburg and France starting on saturday, so maybe there'll be more pictures soon! (: best wishes and stay safe, Nico
  2. Belgium HFB may 2017

    Nice Pictures, I love those rustic industry places! (: We're going there on Sunday, but I heard they tightened the security some months ago. Anybody who was there lately or can tell something about that?