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  1. Located In Columbus Ohio. Very popular urbex place.
  2. Hello everyone. I was refereed to join the forum from the Facebook group. Im from Ohio, USA and have followed urban exploring for a while. Recently I started getting out and doing it myself. I mainly film videos and post them on youtube but I also take pictures when I'm scouting new areas. I was out the other day scouting an area and took some pictures. I'm looking forward to going back.
  3. How to post images

    Thank you!
  4. How to post images

    Hello. I was trying to make a post and share some images. First I tried to link from my dropbox account but it would not accept the link. Then I uploaded them to Imgur then copied the forum link, pasted it in "insert image from URL" and nothing happened. Acted like it was loaded but froze up. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Welcome Rob Adventures

    Been super busy lately! I finally found this forum again though, its exact name disappeared in the abyss of my mind. I started a urban exploring and such in Columbus Ohio. The places I've visited so far are mostly underground drainage tunnels. I have not really began my search for abandoned buildings yet though. I have a youtube channel where I post all the videos about the places I visit. I'm not big into photography currently but I'm making plans to expand into that.
  6. this place looks amazing and such good pictures. Always enjoy a bit of history too.I would love to visit one day.
  7. USA Need Places to explore

    Hello! I am also new and from Columbus Ohio, I started urbex about a month ago.