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  1. Germany Abandoned Fuel Storage

    Here you Go Guys
  2. Germany Abandoned Fuel Storage

    ill take a look on my Harddrive
  3. Welcome SneakySnitch

    Hi everybody, ive found that Forum via Facebook I immediately noticed the friendly with each other, which is why I find it very pleasant to be here ! Mainly I am in abandoned or still active Bunkers, as well as in Halls with old space shuttles;) Sometimes I also hang around in former Nazi Underground Production Facilities or the Paris Catacombs im lookin forward to have some nice conversations wich you @Dubbed Navigator Thx, i laughed my ass of while tipping in this Name Regards Philipp aka Sneakysnitch
  4. Germany Abandoned Fuel Storage

    One of a Kind Acoustic Places ! Never seen anything like this Fuel Storage of the NVA Troops in Germany
  5. Russia Soviet Sub Dec - 2012

    Great Work ! Respect Lara