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  1. This was a place we had wanted to visit for a long time so when it got mentioned in memory of DHL that a group of people would be getting together up here i jumped at the chance.. So myself UrbanGinger SpaceInvader met up with PaulPowers and headed in ,then met way too many people to name if i could remember who everyone was.. Nice to meet up with old and new faces..RIP dave Sorry i didnt get round to the abseil pitch that was set up my head was way to spinny for that.Great evening was had ,Thanks to all involved
  2. Other Abandoned soviet space shuttles

    Lovely photographs,is there a background story you could tell about your explore here?
  3. UK Middleton Mine Derbyshire April 2013

    ah my crap attempts at photographing that bloody door live on,thanks matey
  4. Not much to say about this one ,It was a Ragstone mine for building stone, probably 19th century,there has been much rumour of tunnels under this area and not much actual information ,seems it was opened up many years ago and surveyed after it had been sealed up in the 1960's,some evidence of later visits are visable but other than that it seems to have been forgotton about and became more rumour than fact in later years! Props to Obs for finding a way into this one
  5. UK Chapel of St. Luke, Runwell - January 2017

    I remember when the security hut was placed right next to this years back,noty a bloody hope of getting in,nice to see what lurks in there
  6. They are good pics mate,was a place that had to be visited,and unlike another place we hit ,i didn't mind revisiting this one
  7. Oh mate i hadn't realised you didnt post this report,was a non stop trip with a lot of stupidity and laughs..frogs where fondled and sheep where aggressive..great company and it's sad to see this one go!
  8. Belgium Central Ohm power station, Belgium, April 2016

    Is certainly an interesting one this,nice to see some detail shots of the place and in full daylight,most mine are long exposures
  9. I remember it well mate
  10. These two are something myself and Obscurity had discussed and researched a fair bit and then when we where both at a loose end Boxing day 2014 we decided to go seek both and check out our options of access after a few visits and a lot of leg work we came back scratching our heads,fast forward to earlier this year and i spotted a few random pics from @silentwalker from Godstone so after a chat and exchange of info about the underground locations in the area he kindly included us in his finds..Thanks for that mate and was good to catch up with you in Marden Brief and general history of Godstone Hill Quarries .. "The Godstone Hill Quarries are similar to the Chaldon Quarries except that they are more recent and date back to the late 17thC, most of the extant workings are from the 18thC. There are quite a number of separate quarries that have merged or divided over the years; today there are four major quarries there of which Godstone Main Series is the largest and best known. The quarries were worked for firestone initially and later phases of working had plate-ways laid along the main haulage routes which still survive. Later the quarries were re-worked for hearthstone. After this they were used as mushroom farms in the early 20thC and then fell derelict between the wars. Some of the quarries were used for storage during WW2. Main Series has several miles of open passage and even today provides a fascinating study of a quarry that has both pre and post industrial revolution features" Godstone first.. This one was visited with Spaceinvader,Urbanginger and Obscurity and as much as we had wanted in for a long time it just didn't get my juices flowing as much as Marden! pics.. Now onto Marden where i may have nearly knocked myself out running through a doorway and not stooping low enough to avoid a lump on the head :gay Brief copied history from the WCMS website. "Marden Mine is the easternmost of the major quarries along Godstone Hill. This is very similar to Main Series with an almost identical development and usage. This quarry was also a secure store during WW2 and continued to be worked for hearthstone for a short period after WW2. The area around Marden Mine is riddled with numerous smaller holes and collapses indicating the remains of more hearthstone mines - sadly this type of mining is incompatible with stable or long-lasting passages and most have now fallen in" Visited with Obscurity Starlight Silent walker his mate porker of the night,nice to meet you guys Pics.. Really good to get in to see both of these ,again thanks to Silentwalker for the much appreciated input
  11. There are many small workings close to marden mainly collapsed in so very small areas to squeeze into and over the years godstone itself has comprised of several smaller mines that have been dug through but yes there are some others fairly closr also looked after by thewcms chaps
  12. It's looked after by the wcms mate and well locked up
  13. Some take it all way to seriously mate,there is a time and a place for being serious and there is time for fuckery...this being the latter
  14. This is what exploring should be all about mate,laughs a few beers no doubt and having fun,and fuck me its a fricking spaceship
  15. I have had these on my hard drive since the date above suggests,wasn't going to bother with a report but after seeing some recent activity on here of one of the locations im posting i thought why not! I gave Tucker a shout some years back about a report he had posted and asked if it was the same location as another report i had seen titled very similar,turns out they where different locations and he was kind enough to point me in the direction of these two small workings Seems they go by different names as they are classed as Chaldon/Bedlams bank and Merstham..So im going with the Merstham There is much on the WCMS website in their archives of the Various workings in the area and a lot of very old documents of peoples personal accounts and digs and squabbles over access rights and land ownership which i wont bore you with by copy and pasting ,these are Firestone and they date back a very long time yet seem to have gone undocumented by the masses! Anyhow here are some pictures from mine and Obscurity's two visits over the space of a year and a half. Quarry No 4 up first A few from Quarry No2 Thanks to Obscurity for driving and Good company while searching out other things in the area which where the main reason for coming down here and thanks to Tucker for these two which made for a nice backup plan
  16. Portraits & Crew Shots..

  17. Amazes me with some of these euro derps how they stay so intact,i slept in here back in 2013 and to be honest it doesnt look much different..
  18. UK Merstham Stone Quarries 2014-2015

    Chees Maniac ,they have sat on the HDD long enough,the whole area it seems is hollow
  19. UK Paddys Wigwam Liverpool November 2015

    Those shots are well exposed mate and came out pukka
  20. Belgium Uncle Sam's Hanger, Belgium, April 16

    Is a weird old place,i was under the impression it was a private collection being stored and worked on as their was signs of workshop type activity.You captured it nicely mate and if access was similar to ours then its a fun way in
  21. UK Horror Underground Manchester - March 2016

    Thats a random find mate nice one
  22. UK Merstham Stone Quarries 2014-2015

    Cheers TR.nowt like going for a paddle on a day out