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  1. Welcome chris banks

    Thanks Dubbed Navigator. I'm new Urbex. I really enjoy the exploration and finding out the history of the places that I want to visit. I'm a filmmaker from Yorkshire and want to try and document my findings from exploration through video. What do you guys think?
  2. UK Dudfleet Mills (Abandoned) - Cinematic Edit

    thanks hamtagger. i'm hioping to upload another video soon, i'm trying to get onto an old railway site in Yorkshire that i've found. also scoping a few other places that i'd love to checkout. do you have any recommendations of places that a new starter to urbex could checkout (preferbly around yorkshire)?
  3. I am a filmmaker and YouTuber, and i'm trying to get into Urbex. I really enjoy finding out about the history of the sites that i want to visit and exploring them with my son. Last week we visited a site in West Yorkshire. The site is an old fur fabrics mill and has been covered before on this forum. This is a first attempt at Urbex, so go easy on me! Exploring local abandoned mill in a cinematic style. Dudfleet Mills (Abandoned) - URBEX - Urban Exploration - DJI Spark Footage - Cinematic Edit