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  1. UK Brock Mill Report - 5/2/2017

    Also, Dub, my photos are slightly over the 4mb limit. Hence the reason I did it as a video. Il run em through the computer and change the size when I get some time so I can get a report up. Thnks again!
  2. UK Brock Mill Report - 5/2/2017

    Yeah Alright, Dubbed Il bear that mindm8 sorry for any bother! I do take this seriously though and your advice is much appreciated nice one m8!
  3. UK Pagefield Mill - Wigan - 2018

    The beautiful post-apocalyptic page field mill - Video Report
  4. UK Coronation Street 2018 - Old Granada Studios

    A post-apocalyptic look into Granada Studios old coronation street set! I felt I had to do this one considering I am a Mancunian and all, but sometimes these expeditions don't always go to plan.
  5. UK Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse - Jan 18

    Really enjoyed this post mate some nice shots the building looks huge and pretty intimidating in the ground shot of the chimney nice one m8!
  6. UK Brock Mill Report - 5/2/2017

    Brock Mill video and photographic reports - 5/2/2018 A quality explore that we really enjoyed. Not the most architecturally stunning but still there's a certain beauty about decay.
  7. Hello

    Hey guys Clarky here from Manchester UK I make urban exploration videos for my channel and am hoping to share and view content with like-minded people who find beauty in decay!