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  1. went there last week, we actually didn't want to go down in the chapel because of the dog :s
  2. @Dubbed Navigator thank you yes, walking back to the car took a bit of time ^^
  3. Sammezzano Castle... I climbed the fucking balcony
  4. Some well known steel industry stuff. I found no one to go with me last sunday but i was very eager to check this place, so I went alone for a bit of scouting. My carefully crafted path on google maps turned out as usual a bit shitty (dang they removed that bridge...) but i found an easy entrance and walked in quite a few big empty buildings i assumed were full >< Going out i saw a guy with a fluo yellow jacket smoking near his car... Waited a bit and tried to go 30m in front of him as i had to go back... No reaction, i didnt look, oh well... Let's go to the coke plant... A car with an open door as i'm approaching, dogs start barking :s Big detour. The coke plant is double fenced and theres barb wire grr. I started with the old part but being a bit (very) tired and out of water now i decided to call it a day and crawl back 300km to my car... Not a very good idea to go alone the first time in those kind of places i guess... p.s.: I just saw the head of the guy with the dogs, no idea if it was security, the car was something like a dark grey/black maybe citroen c5, not quite "security" looking...
  5. ah nice ! i was planning to go and have a look one of these days, dunno if it's still doable but it looks cool
  6. hey thanks, i'll make an effort on writeup on my next post then ^^ and maybe stick to 1000px wide photos as they somehow look strange in the browser when resized :s cheers
  7. A former powerplant that ran on gas from blast furnaces, now being demolished. ----
  8. thanks for the comments guys!
  9. Aw ^^ I can pick padlocks but i don't think i ever saw a lock on a door that looked doable :s I'm in France near Esch since 2 years now. Are you available this weekend and do you have very water resistant shoes and a torchlight ? xD
  10. An oil refinery being decommissioned... I went there with my bicycle, managed to get it past the first fence which was nice xD I hope i didn't put too many photos... D90 with sigma 17-70 cheers
  11. bob


    hey i think i saw you can host images, so i'll post reports directly here, not link the website. cheers