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  1. UK Limestone Mine E5.7, Scotland - Dec 2013

    This is really cool!
  2. UK box freestone mine (aug 13) - Jan 2014

    Pretty awesome, nice features.
  3. Shallee Lead & Silver Mine, Ireland 01/2014

    Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback. I will get more images up asap.
  4. Shallee Lead & Silver Mine, Ireland 01/2014

    Here are some images from a recent trip to Shallee Mine here in Ireland. Sorry it has been a while since I posted anything I am in the height of exams and work. I explored this along with other members of AMOI on 05/01/2014, hopefully an admin will put this in the title as I forgot doh!
  5. Abandoned Mines Of Ireland

    Hey guys, sorry we have a new website up http://www.abandonedminesofireland.com. All links to social networks are there!
  6. UK Ushaw Collage-(VISITED.March 2011) 2013

    Very cool spot
  7. Saville Manor - May - 2013

    Stunning place
  8. Hellingly Hospital 2004-2011 VERY image intensive!

    Great set, the architecture is exactly like St Itas Asylum over here in Dublin.
  9. UK Clapham North - London - (2011) - 2013

    Oh well to me its Underground and its in London hahahaha I just love the design of the whole Tube system and the warm still air inside it.
  10. UK Manchester Rooftops - 2013

    Great shots, I only ever been to Manchester once and loved the surrounding architecture.
  11. BBC Urbex

    That is pretty dam cool, bit like that apartment in France.
  12. UK Clapham North - London - (2011) - 2013

    Id give my left testicle to be able to explore the London Underground. Epic shots mate.
  13. TBT, Skelmersdale - May 2013

    That is pretty dam awesome.
  14. Battersea Power Station Permission Parts 1 & 2 - April 2013

    Excellent, I didn't think their was anythign left inside this place other than a concrete shell!
  15. The Radio Signal Transmission Station, April 2013

    Basement looks very interesting, well done great explore.


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