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  1. UK Megs farm, sep 2013

    Looks a nice wander! I love your pictures
  2. Great pictures and a very interesting read Toby!
  3. UK Gorgeous George Barnsleys - Sept 2013

    Great pics Shatners!

    Awesome set, I like them rusted and peeled as well 😀
  5. UK Sweat Shop - Leicester - August 2013

    Err, BORIN2misbehave??? What you trying to say??
  6. Great first report hubster! <3
  7. Awesome shots! I loved it here. Didn't dare climb the headstocks though! Loved looking at these x
  8. UK Severalls - July 2013

    Awesome photos, this place looks cool x
  9. NKPS- Stairs, Chairs n Enemas! June '13

    All kinds of awesome!
  10. Hi from Nottingham!

    I have heard of a plan...from Martin...not sure if it's still the one though. Wherever we go I am excited to go and to meet you all!
  11. Hi from Nottingham!

    Yay! Me too, I can't wait!
  12. Hi from Nottingham!

    Hi everyone! I just signed up this morning, on the recommendation of mrtoby, who tells me this is to place to be. I used to go exploring quite a bit in my younger days, then had a baby, and just getting into the swing of things again now she's fifteen months old. I work as a dog handler in an independent rescue centre. Off to try to work out this new forum-app thing now!! :S


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