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  1. We did it back end of 2013 when my report went in. Surprisingly enough, and apart from a little more decay, things seem to be just the same..... Which is nice to see.
  2. Murphy's is a fine little explore. Nice shots fella
  3. UK Dalton Mills - May 2015

    Lovely stuff. It's still looking good, and those pillars are pure win all the way. Top stuff sir
  4. UK Battersea Power Station, London - April 2014

    Bloody good show old chap. What you wanted was an inflatable Pig for your most excellent 1st pic
  5. UK Soldier's Widow, April 2015

    Great write up and pics bud. Really really enjoyed that. I would presume Mr Jimmy Nail will be putting in an appearance.... Sooner rather than later!!
  6. Cock on that fisting site mate.....Welcome to the pleasure dome!
  7. UK Celuan Mill - Talybont - Wales - May 2015

    Beautiful....Just beautiful:thumb
  8. UK Milford Mill, Milford, April 2015 (Pic Heavy)

    I like the look of this place! A trip over the Pennines from Yorkshire may well be in order
  9. George barnsley & Sons April '15

    It's a top explore with oodles of charm. Great set bud
  10. UK a hoarders farmhouse 2015

    Sweet as a nut that bud. Well done
  11. UK Northern Mortuary - March 2015

    Sure is Pity you can't buy it.
  12. UK Murphy's Machinery - April 2015

    It sure is a lovely little explore. I enjoyed every minute in there when we went
  13. UK Northern Mortuary - March 2015

    I would happily clean and polish that beautiful slab of pure porcelain every day. Love it
  14. UK Millie's Mill - April 2015

    Made me smile did that bud. Lovely pictures.....You done Millie proud there.
  15. UK St Joseph's - April 2015

    Very nice indeed