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  1. A seminary in France that was later used as a medical centre and with a beautiful chapel! I think it closed within the past decade. Thanks for looking!
  2. This was the first stop on our weekend tour. It was a long arse drive from the tunnel to say the least! Cost a small fortune in tolls! A beautiful building inside! History: The construction of the chapel began mid 1800, This chapel is decorated in triforium (the openings of the galleries, above the aisles of a church, overlooking the nave), which is rare, for it is devoid of side aisles. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hello, not sure on the full history of the place. I have found a little bit of information from Google. Great little house with a shop at the front. Loads of things left inside. The Butcher’s Home – Belgium An abandoned butchers house in Belgium. There lived a family of 10 people! a father and a mother and 4 boys and 4 girls. The home was abandoned in 1994 and left ever since! Thanks for looking!
  4. Glad this is still being done. I had an email a few months ago about someone who explored here and got there car smashed up while inside. Not sure how true it was.
  5. UK

    Very nice! Love some of the colour's.
  6. France

    Very nice! Some gems there!
  7. France

    It's funny how you tag my own personal page. I'd understand if it was posted all over the OS and 28 Facebook pages. But my personal is a restricted audience. (friends of friends) hence how you saw it. fair play to scrolling through and finding it. I'll post it online if that's the case. the only reason I said about it being non public is because people have been caught by the military just outside the fence line. With it being in non public I'd like to think it would last longer. (my wife says the same to me) you would get more activity from these forums from a site than a Facebook post I'm sure.
  8. France

    This should be non public.
  9. This was the first stop on our little euro trip! Not sure on the history of the place, but like many others around Europe its a beautiful house! Looking at other pictures online it looks a little stripped now. Thank You!
  10. A massive industrial site! HFB steel industry dates back to 1817 when industrialist John Cockerill established the first metallurgical company here. Surviving blast furnace no.6 was built in 1959 and was active until 2008. This is the power plant to the huge site! Thank You!
  11. UK

    Fairly trashed that! Some nice bits though .
  12. Not sure on the history of this place or the silly codename. Closed within the past couple of years and currently getting stripped out. Most of the higher floors are stripped bare and been ripped apart. I would say its getting demolished very soon! Thanks for looking!
  13. I had driven past this place many times on previous trips and didn't even realise it was here. Various turbines in a massive hall. I believe it use to power the neighbouring industrial site. Thanks for looking!
  14. After seeing this pop up all over Facebook, we booked our tickets for the tour bus. The place is huge. half the building has either collapsed or missing floor boards. But when you venture deeper into the building you uncover some beautiful rooms with loads left. Not sure on the history of this place. Apologies for that. Thanks for looking!
  15. This place is incredible! Loads of interesting things and live CCTV that you can have a play around with. We could actually see people walking past the building we were in. We heard some noise which we assumed was one of our group, but as we later found out, it was someone locking the door and we got sealed in! History borrowed from: Opening in the late 1950s Centrale De Schneider was a coal-fired power station in France. The original configuration two turbines made by Cie Electro-Mecanique (the French subsidiary of Brown Boveri) was expanded in the 1970s with the addition of a Rateau-Schneider generator set, bringing the total capacity up to half a gigawatt. The Electro-Mecanique turbines were retired in the early 1990s and all the associated equipment has since been removed. The power station ceased generation a few years ago when the Rateau-Schneider was also taken offline. Thanks for looking!


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