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  1. UK CWM Coke Works - Beddau, North Wales - Jan 14

    Great shots,such a shame the weather was pants,i visited here in October last year it is an epic explore and plan to do a return visit this year!
  2. UK Old Knitwear Works, August 2013

    Great Thread (excuse the pun:rolleyes:) Looks a fab place ,brilliant pics
  3. UK Broadoaks Estate, Surrey JUNE 2013

    great pictures:) took a mooch round this place this weekend as part of our multi location trip ,absolutly stunning inside ,and yes the smoke detector upsatirs is still bleeping away
  4. Desolate Nation

    Hi Guys , To see more of my Location Photos please visit and like my Facebook page Desolate Nation https://www.facebook.com/pages/Desolate-Nation/339361339527684
  5. UK Severalls - July 2013

    Had my first Sevs visit last weekend awesome place,we left at 2am to get there for first light and spent 6hrs in there ,tried hard to find access to the tower but its sealed up tight,might have to go back very soon:D
  6. Newbie from Lowestoft

    Bang on, plenty of life left in this ole fart yet
  7. Newbie from Lowestoft

    Hi Everyone, I have always had a facination with exploring derelict and abandoned buildings but not been able to do anything for quite some years due to family commitments but now the kids have grown up im hoping to free up some time for me ,dont know anyone else that does Urbex but hopefully thats going to change now ive found this site of which ive spent many evenings going over some of the fantastic topics Regards Squidy