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  1. Other Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. (2013)

    Looks great nice one
  2. UK Hepworth refactory brickworks loxley august 2013

    Cheers mate a big no no on a revisit then I wanted to get inside the buildings out front but a couple with a pooch was sat in a car out front 10 points to guess who they was. I didn't see any infra reds where I was but it was trashed to bits! They've had a few fires down there I think so that's probably why secca so tight shame really would be cool to wander that place freely Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Russia Gold mine, 162 metres under the ground (November 2012)

    awesome shots and great location you get all the best ones! nice one
  4. UK Allied Flour Mill, Lancashire - March 2013

    Looks great nice one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. UK Royal Hospital Haslar, Portsmouth. May 2013

    awesome pics love the staircase!
  6. School â„–44 (April 2011)

    looks cool some good shots, i like .
  7. this looks a cool place great shots nice one
  8. Other Abandoned steelworks (May 2013)

    booking my tickets now haha, this looks awesome and great shots too! nice one
  9. UK The Works, Manchester - Aug 2012

    That looks a fun explore, Cool pics
  10. Cannon Rd Section - Ramsgate - (09-2013)

    id get lost in there looks great and i wanna go ha
  11. UK Silverlands - Chertsey - Surrey - April 2013

    that first pic is awesome looks great
  12. Belgium St Hilarious Monastery - March 2013 - Belgium

    awesome! very nice! some great shots in there!
  13. that place looks interesting nice shots
  14. Monastère du Royaume - France - March 2013

    that looks cool! great shots
  15. Belgium Belgian Weekender... Oct '13

    enjoyed the write up cracking pics that university looks awesome!!!