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  1. I totally agree with the music. The previous raft trips had that song as an unfortunate anthem. I think it was originally played as a laugh and got out of hand. So yeah, it's a bad tradition It did take a while. I started with 80 minutes of footage. Even gathering it took awhile. Maybe people should mute the first two minutes Cheers
  2. Made by a bunch of Melbourne Cave Clan members and used by even more Melbourne Cave Clan members. It was so much fun. Definitely worth doing on a waterway near you It's a bit epic, but maybe someone out there will enjoy a look.
  3. Too lazy to walk down stairs or straighten my camera.
  4. Details in video. DeScent drowned tragically (is there any other way) in a Brisbane drain as a result of a flash flood. [youtube=
  5. This 1 minute clip was shot yesterday. Better with audio.
  6. Hardly worth posting this, let alone in a new thread, so for those of you that remember the first commercial Cave Clan song (there have been three now), the singer Mick Thomas was on the radio so I sent a text in asking what inspired him to write the song.
  7. A one-minute insight into my lunch break.
  8. I just put this one together tonight. It's 12 minutes long and is shot in drains (turns around to see auditorium doors swinging shut as last urbexer flees), but hopefully someone watching gets something out of it. WARNING! It's probably not the greatest representation of urbex and it does contain some bum cheeks and some muffled crude language, but most of it is just people having a good time.
  9. Some other stuff from our visit to Adelaide. I'm sure you've all experienced this... The soundtrack on this one will make your ears bleed. Or you'll fall asleep. A 30 second clip on the hazards of videoing people playing Pokémon in public. You shall not pass... I don't think anyone will handle a minute of this clip let alone 8 minutes