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  1. Too lazy to walk down stairs or straighten my camera.
  2. Other DeScent RIP. Tribute Video

    Thanks and thanks
  3. Details in video. DeScent drowned tragically (is there any other way) in a Brisbane drain as a result of a flash flood. [youtube=
  4. Other Nearly Abandoned :)

    This 1 minute clip was shot yesterday. Better with audio.
  5. A one-minute insight into my lunch break.
  6. Other What I do during my lunch break

    Hardly worth posting this, let alone in a new thread, so for those of you that remember the first commercial Cave Clan song (there have been three now), the singer Mick Thomas was on the radio so I sent a text in asking what inspired him to write the song.
  7. Other What I do during my lunch break

    Part 2 (also 1 minute long)
  8. I just put this one together tonight. It's 12 minutes long and is shot in drains (turns around to see auditorium doors swinging shut as last urbexer flees), but hopefully someone watching gets something out of it. WARNING! It's probably not the greatest representation of urbex and it does contain some bum cheeks and some muffled crude language, but most of it is just people having a good time.
  9. I just went through another old VHS tape and converted a few clips Trains... (blocked in Germany and probably on mobile phones) In-house clip... SK8 or DIE!
  10. Some clips from Doug in Australia

    Some other stuff from our visit to Adelaide. I'm sure you've all experienced this... The soundtrack on this one will make your ears bleed. Or you'll fall asleep. A 30 second clip on the hazards of videoing people playing Pokémon in public. You shall not pass... I don't think anyone will handle a minute of this clip let alone 8 minutes
  11. Some clips from Doug in Australia

    Just chucked this one together tonight.
  12. An ad for a recent interview we did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybU7hLdz9OU Unfortunately due to copyright it's probably only viewable in Australia, however I just thought I'd chuck it on here in case any of you visit Australia in the future or that you may know a way around it (or for any Aussies that are on OS. I've done over 100 media interviews regarding the Cave Clan & this one is unique. It focuses on a few of the artists in the Cave Clan (and me ) It's not the real Cave Clan, it's the grey haired, wrinkly & flabby Cave Clan. Please feel free to share. http://iview.abc.net.au/collection/cave-clan http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b248/DougCaveClan/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20170116_104132_636_zpsa76mbnu0.jpg
  13. Other Cave Clan on iView

    Thanks Bud. You can now watch the series anywhere in the world on Vimeo. Password:poweroftheclan https://vimeo.com/album/4371181 Here is another ad
  14. Back when you were allowed to be a silly urbex drain explorer. The first call is old school Clan member Wes using the name of founding Clan member Woody. If you have it loud enough you can hear Wes still rambling on even though she has muted him. You may find it hard to believe, but Charley's call is legit It still makes me laugh. "I go fishing in the dams... in my boat!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5OfiP7bPmU
  15. Other Cave Clan turns 30

    I forgot to post this clip. It's recorded in a drain that we used to hang around in back in the day (usually just 3 or 4 of us). On this occasion there were 125+ people from all over Australia and about 10 internationals. It goes for 15 minutes so you may not be interested, but I tell a few stories about the drain and how it played an important part in the formation of the Cave Clan. It is the lead up to the happy birthday clip in the OP. [
  16. Here's one for scale. Rusco in 1989 (but he's short like a child) I also have a photo somewhere of #14 with just clean concrete A couple more from 1989. Probably #10 (yes, something spilt on the actual photo ) Probably near #9
  17. It was like losing one of the family & a best mate.
  18. Other Deathray Eyes the Draindog. RiP

    Thanks bud. She was the friendliest dog we ever had or that I ever knew. Here's the family one if anyone is interested (95% different to the exploring one).
  19. Other Cave Clan turns 30

    Thanks for that (yeah, you're right - I added the clip later I'm hoping to get some footage sooner or later. Cheers
  20. Some clips from Doug in Australia

    It's a small world
  21. Some clips from Doug in Australia

    Last Saturday night saw a bit of a gathering in a local drain... Clip is better with the audio cranked up
  22. Some clips from Doug in Australia

    Another very quick one we made for the C/C Short Film Festival. Some bad language.