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  1. Great find and lovely pics.
  2. UK BULL MANOR... March '14

  3. UK T.G. Greens Pottery. Dec '13

    Great set. Looks like a cool place.
  4. Hi from West Cumbria!

    Hi Neil. Have a mooch round and see how it goes. I'm from Cumbria too (Penrith) so we can perhaps meet up sometime if you find you enjoy it
  5. Wow! Gorgeous.
  6. UK Red Dress Manor, April 2013

    What a great place. Lovely pics.
  7. Amazing place. Beautiful pictures.
  8. UK North Wales Hospital, Denbigh. Aug '13

    Fantastic pictures. What a great looking building.
  9. Nice pics. I was quite surprised this was all intact too, I wasn't expecting to find anything exciting in the out buildings, but thought it was worth checking out seen as I was there.
  10. UK NKPS- WTF is Soda Ash? Aug '13

    Wow what a cool looking place, I don't think I have seen it before. Great pics.
  11. The Wheelbirks Estate was changed by a Quaker named David Richardson in the first decade of the 20th century. In addition to extending the farmhouse he built 6 estate cottages which along with the bridges, roadside walls and seats in the woods he adorned with carved texts. He also built a sanitorium (left unfinished at his death in 1913) for TB sufferers at his leather-works at Elswick. It is of cruciform construction and stands as if on stilts in a hollow. It is constructed mainly of steel reinforced concrete and glass, having bridges going in from the back and the front. As antibiotics were developed isolation hospitals were deemed unnecessary and this sanitorium was probably never used for its intended purpose. The building seems to be used for storage for the estate farm, so not massive amounts to see inside. On with the pics: Thanks for looking
  12. Yeah we did. Was a bit strange going down that blacked out corridor bit.