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  1. HOOK END MANOR History: Hook End Manor was once owned by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour. The manor itself has a huge 25 acres of land alongside the recording studio. It was also previously owned by record producer Trevor Horn but was sold back in 2007. The last know proprietor was Mark White, however the manor has now fallen into disrepair! Complete with 11 bedrooms, countless bathrooms, games room and tennis court, in its day the manor would have been great! The Explore: The explore itself went really well, after an hour or so drive finding our way down small country lanes we came across the manor. From an outside perspective there was no way of telling if the place was abandoned. Despite the manor being left empty the attached property is still in use. Not sure if this was still used as the recording studio or converted to offices but we avoided going into that area. The manor is a maze of rooms and much of the original furnishings still remain untouched. We spent a good 2hrs wandering around uninterrupted! <PIC HEAVY> Anyway on with the photos........ Thanks for looking
  2. So its been well over a year since I last posted anything, and thought its about time I started up again! Since the brickworks was quite close, I decided to go have a mooch around and do some filming. Quiet explore with no interruptions
  3. Decided to head to this place and have a look around, everything has been stripped from the inside, although still a great place to photograph. Access was easy, and we didn't hear or see from the secca what so ever. Also managed to make our way up the tower.
  4. UK Brick Works- Surrey - 2014

    There are two sites closely situated in the same area
  5. UK Brick Works- Surrey - 2014

    Ok thanks
  6. After hearing about this place from a friend we decided to have a look around. Access was easy enough and we quickly made our way into the first building, however some of the machines were still running, and had the keys left in which was strange. Despite this we carried on and found an entrance to another building. Inside we found various parts of old machinery as well as brand new sheets of steel just lying around! Overall pretty good explore!
  7. So I've visited this place twice before but only taken photos down there once. Most of the hatches are welded shut, however two of them are accessible, one leading down to a large square section and the other down to a much smaller, round section of the reservoir. The ladders leading down are slightly unstable and do wobble as your going down Nice explore for warm afternoon!
  8. So I heard about this place from a previous report so decided to have a look around. After gaining access immediately once we were on the site, we discovered that its fairly large, the corridors seem to go on forever. A majority of the floor has been taken up and there are random items dotted about in various different rooms. We also discovered a basement which we ventured into, which turned out to also go on forever. Away from the main building there are several small outbuildings with other junk and old documents. We also managed to find 2 of the server rooms. THE BASEMENT
  9. After hearing about this place from a friend I decided to take a look around. Not sure what company owned the place previous to it being left derelict, but anyway quite a nice explore on monday morning. Asbestos signs were dotted around the place..
  10. UK The Unseen X-Ray Department at CMH - 2014

    Could live in CMH, a pain to get in, but worth every minute! Great Photos!!
  11. Moonlit Fullers - Supermoon (VISITED 2011) 2013

    Stunning Photos dude!
  12. Aha yeah more adrenaline hiding in the shadows from the secca though!
  13. So I visited this site back in January. The secca let us look around and take some external shots of the building.
  14. After visiting the hospital back in august I decided I would get some more external shots at night. I entered the site as usual and headed towards the first set of buildings and started capturing some long exposures. It was a perfect night, the stars and the moon were shining bright, perfect! I then headed onto the main road however within a minute or so we spotted the secca and his dog walking towards us. I decided not to start running and calmly made myself around to the clock tower at the front. I crouched down for a minute or so before the secca and his dog walked past about 10ft away from me, how he didn't notice me I will never know. He then stayed on the corner of the road for what seemed like ages so I decided to head to the front gate and let myself out. Of course they spotted me walking out, so after talking to them for about 5 mins and them threatening to call the police I just walked out the gate and that was that. Being my first night explore I really enjoyed it, there's something about wandering around an abandoned building at night and taking photos that is quite peaceful Anyway along with the photos!
  15. Sure, I used a canon 600D