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  1. Hello from Grenoble

    Hello everyone, For me a pleasure to be there, sharing and seeing your posts. Urbex is for me a simple hobby, that i practice when i find few minutes to. I don't see it like a competition I used to make urbex in my area as it is not easy for me to travel (money is an issue)... But it is great to discover location by yourself when you can. Please feel free to visite my website or my Facebook page See you soon m8
  2. Monastère du Royaume - France - March 2013

    Thanks man
  3. Monastère du Royaume - France - March 2013

    Thanks dude
  4. France War Death Valley - France - April 13

    Thanks all for your comments
  5. France Church of Throne - France - Sept 2013

    Thabks all for your comments
  6. Monastère du Royaume - France - March 2013

    Thanks for your comment Lara
  7. France Church of Throne - France - Sept 2013

    Chruch of Throne... A really huge church with an imposing blue roof. Full Gallery available on http://www.lempreinte-photographie.com/the-forgotten/religieux/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/bales9238/sets/72157635443836442/with/9705452542/ `
  8. Kingdom Monastery... an unknown building abandonned from a while. A great architecture and white room give its a special atmosphere. A magic place
  9. France War Death Valley - France - April 13

    Unique ... A fantastic feeling discovering this place: an open cemetery vehicle, but not any type of vehicle. These are many military vehicles per hundred slowly end their agony in nature. Used for various world wars, mainly in the field of aid, these US monsters of war are today totally abandonned in nature, as if the war has stopped suddenly. A treasure hidden in nature. Full gallery available on http://www.lempreinte-photographie.com/the-forgotten/militaire/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/bales9238/sets/72157633416567371/


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