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  1. Wow thats one seriously creepy looking place, its great
  2. Netherlands Big Monastery July 2013

    Wow, thats a bit noice!
  3. Belgium Monastery Mont G - JULY 2013

    Thats really beautiful Tim
  4. Belgium Chapelle des Anciens - Belgium - September 2013

    very pretty location
  5. UK Ushaw Catholic Seminary - September 2013

    Gorgeous set of pics babe, nice to see some externals
  6. Belgium Angus Dei, Belgium - July, 2013

    Very nice set mate
  7. UK Not Certain College, Sept 2013 (Pic heavy)

    Lovely pics there chuck really need to get to this place not Ive been to its big brother, love it
  8. UK St. Saviours, Bacup - Sept 2013

    ooooooer Mr Powers Naked in a pulpit, surely theres laws against that
  9. Thats a great find what a lovely set of pics, thanks for sharing
  10. UK St Josephs Seminary... June '13

    What a flipping fantastic place! Some really good pictures there PS, an inspiration for my visit
  11. Lovely is that place!
  12. Belgium Chateau da le Chapel, Belgium - July, 2013

    That's very nice, like it
  13. Belgium Maison Grand Georges - July 2013

    I love your pictures Tim, always a pleasure to look at!
  14. UK Ovenden Hall - Halifax -Aug -2013

    That's a real strange place, bit spooky !