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  1. Belgium Resthouse DN (April 2015)

    Thanks allot guys!
  2. This old Resthouse in Belgium is getting better and better by time. If you would drive past the building you wouldnt expact the place would still have some great decay! 1 2 3 4 5
  3. Thats a nice report there mate! Awesome location that you captured well
  4. This is really Awesome! Super report of a fantastic place. Would love to visit this myself. Thanks for the share!
  5. Awesome place! Beatifull pictures. Would love to see this some time!
  6. Belgium Chateau Ricardo Dez. 2013

    Nice mate, please tell me the piano i still there??
  7. Belgium N.K.P.S: 'Maison Morphine' Nov '13

    A little bit confusing to rename a lot of locations, but thats my opinion Nice repo it's gives a good overview of this place
  8. UK Asylum L - Nov 2013

    Awesome report. Clean shots, a nice selection!
  9. NKPS Belgium 1100 Tour "The Big G" - NOV 2013

    nice set there! Really like the first picture from the building. Still on my to do list
  10. UK Williamsons' crazyness (VISITED 2013)-2013

    Looks very nice to explore! thnx for the share
  11. USA Hospital Alcatraz, CA - 2013

    Please show more! Like the first shot allot!
  12. Welkom ASOM! Looking forward to see some of your work
  13. Germany Schloss H - October 2013

    Already fixed it myself, sorry about that haha!
  14. Germany Schloss H - October 2013

    Very clean report. Good toning and the bloody hand in awesome! Been working on this location for a while now. Gives me inspiration to finishing it!
  15. Other Old Lier Mental Hospital, Norway. (2013)

    Nice report. Like the picture with al the doors!