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  1. Mad Scientist's Lab, Poland (May 2015)

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this!!!
  2. UK Mona Cottage - January 2017

    ooo..i like that
  3. ha! mine had pocket watches an a pair of binoculars@)
  4. my kids where seriously worried by the lack of decorations and presants as usually its piled everywhere and all done!!! dam place!!
  5. awwwwwwwwww lully!!! fantastic shots!!! ( bastard place lol..xmas was almost late in my house because of this!! lol )
  6. Belgium NKPS..Maison Radio

    lol we had about twenty mins max not long enough for me ! i wanted to look at all the radios!
  7. Belgium NKPS..Maison Radio

    MAISON RADIO Maison Radio..snugged away on a quiet little road..lived a radio fanatic...and what a fanatic he was a little house rammed full of radios and communication devices...unfortunatly we didnt get the pleasure of visiting very long as we had a wild belgium lady hot on our heels hope you enjoy the pics..PS will tag his on ...
  8. UK Katie's House - November 2014

    Katies House was named after the little girl who told her daddy about this place great set nice to see something different from here rather than the sammey shots all the time
  9. fantastic! ive never really fancied this...but seeing your pics makes me think...wow! its really lovely and all the tiny mosaics! i would have to camp out here and watch the sun rise..i bet thats fantastic..thanks for sharing this
  10. Hi from Germany ;)

    hay!! hi there and welcome i really need more germany!! so look forward to your posts
  11. A selection here from one of our Adventures over seas last year A couple of days zooming round the abandoned country of belgium:) It never ceases to amaze me the amount of empty places in this country..thes just an abundance of it.. from manor houses to chateauxs factorys to trains..a bit of everything to please most.. my favourite are always the little houses..i love them!! ... ive put together a few from the places we saw over two days ... 1000plus miles...millionplus rollups...trillionplus coffeess...and a billion laughs As always with Master Perjury Saint.. Driver of the green Pea..The Map Keeper.. King of major Episodes when dora (the sat nav) gets us lost.. and escapist extraordinaire On with the pics CHATEAUX DAH.. OLD IRON... LlITLE GREEN HOUSE PRITZKER UNI MARTINI INSANE CEMETARY HOLY NURSE AN ORPHANAGE... COUTURE CHURCH ABANDONED MAISON CASTIAFORE FARM PATERNOSTER TRAINS... OH...AND THE MISSING HEARSE
  12. UK Leeds Girls School, December 2014

    wowww..brill pics bloody hell!! tidy place too
  13. Italy Villa Corrina - visited September 2014

    awwwwwwwwwwwww wow....