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  1. Whats in your bag? :)

    Ha ha- & I thought I packed a lot- compared to some if you it's nothing... My kit varies but in my bag at the moment is: Canon 60D Sigma 24-70 2.8 Samyang 8mm 3.5 Lumix GF2 & 14mm 2.5 Sony AS15 action cam Loads of SD cards Cree XML T6 Cree T5 Back up battery's Wireless remote Interverlometer Face mask Gloves Hi Viz vest Dust mask Water bottle That's about it... :-) Oh and in another bag... Manfrotto 190 X pro B Manfrotto 804 rc2
  2. Gymguano...

    30 odd years of pure undisturbed guano... This former rural catholic girls borstal still remains a bit of a mystery. 0 on the web- and only drips and drabs of info gleaned from former interns. Will just have to dig deeper...
  3. Gymguano...

    ...ok, so what else do you call a video exploring a gym full of pigeon shit... Oh, and you might recognize the soundtrack...
  4. Popular Mechanics

    Cheers Lara and SK. Yeah I feel video is somewhat under-rated in the UE community. And I'm primarily a stills shooter. I like it's immediacy, the way it can take you on a journey/explore...
  5. Thanks all- hit us up when you get down here. I've spent alot of time in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle East, Asia... but at the time was more into travel/documentary/ex war zones etc... Heres out crews FB page, cheers..... https://www.facebook.com/urbex.central?fref=ts
  6. Popular Mechanics

    Mucking around at a former paediatric hospital in rural NZ earlier in the year. http://cunningvision.com/2013/11/02/popular-mechanics/
  7. Cheers Wevsky- yeah there's certainly some nice views down here- and a fair amount of decay too if you look hard. We have a small crew that gets out & about on a regular basis. Check out our site here... http://urbexcentral.com/ And if theres anyone heading down here get in touch and well show you around...
  8. ... or should have I said Middle Earth Guess there's a few other lurkers here from downunder- no doubt some clannies I'm based in Wellington- right smack bang in the middle of NZ (kind of). We don't have the quantity or quality of locos here to explore as in the UK, Europe, US etc- but we make do with what we've got Anyway- this seems like a really cool and friendly forum (unlike others)- looking forward to hanging out here...


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