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  1. A place that I had wanted to see on my last Welsh excursion but the unfortunate ankle injury obtained whiolst exploring another site put paid to it was this beautiful chapel deep in south Wales. Well I say beautiful - it is - but it is absolutely saturated in pigeon poop and stinks to high heaven. I think I shortened my lifespan by a good decade being in here. It was a great feeling to tick it off though and get another Welsh chapel under my belt. Thanks for looking
  2. The Royalty had been a bugbear of mine ever since I failed it a couple of years back, I'd wanted to give it another shot but never been in the right place at the right time. With the news that the annoying car wash people had vacated their plot for good though I thought it was high time I swung by again. So heading home me and my mate made a very worthwhile detour. I had heard it was sealed again not long after someone else had been recently so really I wasn't holding out much hope but it turned out to be way easier than I expected - although depending how often the building is checked I don't expect it to stay that way for long! The outside of the building away from the street is extremely weird, all assymetrical angles and curves and odd pointy-out bits that look like they've been tacked on with no thought to the look apart from the beautiful frontage. I don't explore many cinemas or theatres as they aren't really my main area of interest but it was a great feeling to cross this one off the list at last. Thanks for looking, more on my Flickr....
  3. Oh boy did it feel to get my exploring shoes on again. I've been suffering some health issues at present which has made me feel very disinclined to explore anything but lately I've been feeling a little better so thought what better use of my time during a miserable January than to go on a little day trip. It was most successful with three explores done and I had a jolly good time, albeit still feeling quite rubbish. This is a place I'm surprised hasn't been featured more often on forums such as this, and it was that which worried me as to whether it was even still there. A planning application was approved in June last year for demolition of the factory buildings and construction of new houses as well as conversion of Packington Hall, an 18th century manor house which forms the frontage. It looks like workers had got as far as taking up most of the upstairs floors of the house before downing tools and leaving, and so it sits to this day. Little bitta history.... Having been sat for almost a decade now it's in a bit of a mess but most of it looks like natural decay, granted there are the usual broken windows and metal fairy stripping but other than that it's pretty solid for the most part, although parts of the upstairs floors (or whats left of them!) are slanted worryingly to one side. This is one of those strange residential/industrial mixed sites like the now demolished Frith Park, better know as The Acid House, down in Surrey. Peculiar but rather cool as well. Thanks for looking, as ever more on my Flickr...
  4. France

    Citroen H Van and an Opel Rekord are two of the others there. Not much into the 'vintage' pre-war cars myself but that is a great collection.
  5. Is it fully closed now then? I remember seeing old reports from this place of it still being half active and people literally walking through the main entrance to get in...
  6. Battle Hospital in Reading closed it's doors in 2005 and was subsequently demolished, sitting on the land now is a large Tesco supermarket and new housing estate. However not included in the sale or development plans were the service areas such as the industrial laundry, incinerator, ambulance service building and a few others. These have sat derelict ever since with only part of that area being used to store ambulances and one smaller building is an operational NHS laboratory. Me and my friend decided to give it a look on a day of trying out new places and all seemed well, for about ten minutes. As soon as we got into the incinerator building I noticed the obvious signs of a squatter in residence (including very fresh human excrement on the floor... ) so we were already on our guard. Soon after that we heard somebody else enter the building whilst we were out of sight at the other end and, after hearing them walk around making noise decided the best course of action was to avoid any possible confrontation entirely and leave via a small hole in the side of the building. We then poked around the empty laundry building and on the way out noticed a door that had been closed a few minutes earlier was now open. After that we cut our losses and left, which is a shame as the incinerator building is very cool and I would have loved to have spent more time there were it not for our interruption. Thanks for looking
  7. UK

    Didn't even know there was one. Those kinda things aren't really my cup of tea anyway so no great loss for me
  8. I'll be brutally honest here and say Tower Colliery is (well, was) one of the only places in this country that I had been desperate to explore. It's come to be known as the forgotten colliery, with other much higher profile closures of bigger sites like Kellingley and Thoresby dominating the news over the last few years. Tower Colliery was the oldest continuously working deep-coal mine in the UK and possibly even the world, and was the last mine of it's kind to exist in the valleys of South Wales. Tower, named after the nearby Crawshay's Tower folly began operations in 1864 and worked until British Coal closed the site in 1994 on the grounds it would be uneconomic to continue production. After closure, 239 former workers pledged money from their redundancy packages to buy back Tower Colliery and continue production in a community buy-out. After fourteen years further production, the seams had been exhausted and Tower Colliery closed for the second time, for good, in January 2008. In 2010, an open-cast mine was opened part of the former coal washery site located a short distance away, although this too is scheduled to close fairly soon. A future development of both sites would see part housing, part industrial estate and part heritage museum to provide employment in the area and keep some legacy of the coal mine alive. This place was every bit as great as I had expected, the decay in some areas is awesome, and the winding house is epic. After about two and a half hours on site we were alerted to the noise of a vehicle arriving on site, and after the coast seemed clear we ventured out of our little hiding spot to see what was going on. Soon after up pulled security, who turned out to be an ex-miner from the colliery who had spent forty years down the mine and now worked as security for the site. He pointed out the CCTV cameras and said that they were all active and get monitored at the other site. He was absolutely sound, a really nice guy to talk to about the place, he was only slightly annoyed that we had made him get out of bed on a Sunday morning! I hope you enjoyed my take on what was one of my favourite home-grown explores this year... More on my Flickr as per normal...
  9. This place takes me right back to the time I was just beginning to be interested in exploring, looking at forums etc etc so we're talking near on a decade now. Hafod-Morfa Copperworks once dominated a large area of land in the middle of Swansea, but by the end of the 1970s it was all but derelict. Large swathes of the former Copperworks have been cleared but there are a few buildings left, ostensibly as some kind of derelict 'heritage' trail thing. Most of what is left is empty and ruined but the former rolling mill building is definitely worth it, the size of the enormous cable wheel is unbelievable when you're stood next to it. I think it's even bigger than the one from the steelworks I explored in the USA earlier this year. After leaving here we had big plans for the rest of the day, but walking towards the next explore through a muddy and wet forest I lost my footing coming off a steep bank and badly twisted my ankle digging into the soft ground. After copious swearing and finding said explore sealed up we headed off to another place, only for me to realise by the time we got there I was in quite a large amount of pain, could barely walk and my ankle had swollen up good and proper. So unfortunately the day was cut short there and then as we headed back to the hotel to get my foot on ice, painkillers down my throat and a tubular compression bandage sorted. All whilst worrying that the next day would be a write off as well... Anyway here are some photos from before I broke myself. Thanks for looking, more on my Flickr.....
  10. Recently myself and Landie Man embarked upon a little South Wales roadtrip, as he was given a couple of nights stay free in a city centre hotel down there due to a screw up on their part last year. I have wanted to explore a Welsh chapel for ages, and I had a few on my list but sadly due to a few reasons which I'll go into a little later this was the only successful one, but it is a real good one. We rocked up early on a dull rainy morning, and after a less-than-subtle, very tight and quite noisy entry because of me dropping Landie's bag into the remains of a broken toilet we were in. It took maybe fifteen minutes for it to get light enough to start taking photos, it was a shame it wasn't sunny as it would have been so beautiful to watch the sun come up through the windows. This particular chapel closed it's doors around the end of 2007. Wales is littered with abandoned chapels, it's amazing how many you can accidentally stumble across whilst looking for something else entirely, but sadly a lot of the time they have a very limited scope for available access points. I was more than satisfied with this example though, it's a bit bashed around but that's to be expected for something abandoned the best part of a decade. Thanks for looking, more on my Flickr as always
  11. I got back from the States at the beginning of this month and I've been itching to get out exploring again but, truth be told, I'm finding it very difficult at the moment to find places over here which grab me by the balls enough to make me want to explore them. After various weekend plans fell through over the last couple of weekends I settled on a day of checking out some fairly local sites with an old exploring friend, some I knew well, others were complete shots in the dark as to whether they'd still be there or not. We were both pleasantly surprised by this place, which was nice. I really wasn't expecting much, and after seeing how ruined the first few rooms were my expectations were low. But further into the building it looks as if some rooms have barely been touched since the home closed in 2008, and certain rooms have some amazing natural decay seeping through. It's the same story with this location as with many of this kind of 1970s care home buildings. This one specialised in housing elderly people with dementia within it's 25 bedrooms, and was forced to close in 2008 after new legislation was brought in requiring all care homes to have an en suite bathroom in every bedroom. Many of the care homes weren't able to provide these facilities so had to shut down. I've explored quite a number of these now and this was one of my favourites because of the gorgeous decay in some of the areas. Thanks for looking, more on my Flickr as per normal
  12. Just in case you've been inhabiting a cave for the last week, in a couple of weeks time the most over-rated over-explored European derpy mcderp of them all, Chateau Miranda/Noisy will be nothing but a flat expanse of rubble. As if you all didn't already know...
  13. Are they going to demolish the encampment of pikeys as well?
  14. UK

    If you live five minutes from there you could, I dunno, wander down there and check it out in person? Just a thought.


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