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  1. Doughty House is a large 18th century Georgian house overlooking the Thames. It was built around 1770 with later additions. The house was named after Elizabeth Doughty, who lived there from about 1786. In 1849 it was acquired by Francis Cook, a famous merchant and art collector who went on to become one of the richest men in Britain. It remained in the Cook family for almost a century until just after the Second World War. In 1885 Francis had a 125-foot-long neo-classical gallery built to house his extensive art collection. Much of the art collection was taken elsewhere after the house was damaged by a bomb in 1944, subsequently the Cook family left the property behind. The house was put on the market in 2012 with a guide price of £15 million. Both the house and gallery are Grade II listed buildings. Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent were granted to retain the main property as a single dwelling and to convert the gallery into ancillary accommodation, along with re-instating Doughty Cottage as the link between the house and gallery. Works have now started on site. While in the area with @Miss.Anthrope we took a look to see if this place had changed much since @AndyK! posted it last year. It turned out to be pretty much the same although a little bit worse off. A few bits of graffiti have appeared and sadly the ceiling of the gallery has begun to collapse in places. Still an amazing place however and hopefully renovation work will be completed before it the damage is beyond repair. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. Stay classy
  2. UK

    Only took me a month to see this ^ Went for a Nikon D7100.... pretty happy so far
  3. Really like the look of that mate, very unique looking building and some nice old features left in there. Btw I added spaces between pics otherwise they all look joined together....
  4. That's cool mate. not @ACID-REFLUX's house is it? His initials on the treasure chest in the second to last pic....
  5. Wow that's stunning, and the title is perfect
  6. That's pretty cool, wasn't expecting as much stuff to be in there, looks like a fun explore
  7. France

    Cor blimey that's another stunner mate, some proper decent stuff in France
  8. UK

    Could be a gem inside there, worth keeping on the radar for sure
  9. UK

    Damn that is nice @jones-y-gog I think I need a road trip!
  10. That's a brilliant set @Andy, really enjoyed seeing these. I don't think my photos are anywhere near as good!
  11. Looks like a fun explore and some bits still worth seeing
  12. Oh my god this is mint bruv!
  13. Yeah I think I prefer the look of this one tbh
  14. France

    Absolutely love these mate, are they still there now do you know??
  15. USA

    Hey Bella, welcome to OS I moved this post to the general discussion section. You should get yourself a mask to protect yourself from asbestos if you are worried, I think a P3 mask should do the trick. However, asbestos is only a danger when it has been disturbed and it's particles have entered the atmosphere. With that in mind I would recommend always treading carefully so you don't disturb any asbestos in the first place. With dodgy floors I think you just need to use common sense, if it looks sunken then be wary. If there are holes where you can see the floor below, probably best to take another route. If it looks dodgy and you want to try it anyway just take it very slow and test every step with your foot first before putting all your weight on it. There is no exact science to it, my foot went through the floor in a house once, luckily just my leg and not the rest of my body. Also wearing boots is advisable as there can be some nasty nails waiting to stick into you. I hope this helps


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