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  1. I would have left some of the more blurry pics out but it looks like you covered the place from top to bottom. Welcome to OS
  2. France Trou de tess, France - 2018

    Oh hello....that's super nice! Excellent photos, very well lit!
  3. UK HMP Glen Parva Prison

    Liking that, who doesn't like a derp prison? Good effort
  4. USA Dog Walker State Hospital - U.S.

    Yay you came back! Love this
  5. Other An Island full of creepy dolls

    That's some messed up shit right there! I love it
  6. UK Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    I didn't know what a mirkin was but now I do... Cheers for that
  7. UK Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    Lol wtf is going on there?! Cool video, some well edited decent footage there. Welcome to OS
  8. Poland Resort - Poland, 2018

    Looks like a decent place to sleep on an exploring trip
  9. UK Nocton Hall & RAF Hospital in Lincoln

    Definitely one of those places that looks better from the outside, must have been nice in its day
  10. Italy Villa Scorpio - June 2017

    That last room is a bit special, like that a lot!
  11. That's lush mate, all about that grand hall! Excellent find
  12. Other Raouf Hotels Sharm El Sheikh January 2018

    That's a cool find! Are you living there now then?
  13. USA The last days of Congoleum

    haha those statues are super weird
  14. Very nice mate. Hope you're doing good