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  1. Loving that! What a cool building By the way I've noticed your pics take a while to load, they will load much quicker if you resize them usually. I resize mine to under 2MB in lightroom before I export them. They don't seem to lose any quality, it just makes the file much smaller and easier to upload
  2. Certainly some nice pics to be had with that back lighting. Looks good
  3. That's bangin mate. Looks epic this place. Did you use the manual upload function? Couple of pics not working and seems to be quite a few pics jumbled about at the bottom. Seem to remember that can happen with the uploader sometimes. When you try to delete pics it chucks them to the bottom of the page for some reason.
  4. Wow that's awesome. I like the penguins and the morgue! I never thought I would mention those 2 things in the same sentence but hey
  5. From some old offices for a steel works in France
  6. The old Lloyds bank in Bristol. Now converted into a hotel
  7. Bye bye @Bucky 👋🖕
  8. Damn that's pretty epic! Good effort man
  9. Fascinating stuff! Great pictures too
  10. That's a cool find. Bet someone has some interesting tales from there, somewhere
  11. It's pretty cool in there, although not my favourite kind of place to be honest