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  1. The Post Office Railway, also known as Mail Rail, is a driverless underground railway 6 1⁄2 miles (10.5 km) long from Paddington to Whitechapel built to move mail between sorting offices. Inspired by the Chicago Tunnel Company, it operated from 1927 until 2003. Construction of the 2 ft (610 mm) narrow gauge tunnels started in February 1915 from a series of shafts. During 1917 work was suspended due to the shortage of labour and materials. By June 1924 track laying had started. In February 1927 the first section, between Paddington and the West Central District Office, was made available for training. The line became available for the Christmas parcel post in 1927 and letters were carried from February 1928. A Royal Mail press release in April 2003 said that the railway would be closed and mothballed at the end of May that year. Royal Mail had earlier stated that using the railway was five times more expensive than using road transport for the same task. Despite a report by the Greater London Authority in support of continued use, the railway was closed in the early hours of 31 May 2003. It has sat disused ever since but there are plans to open a museum in 2016. When I first got into this exploring malarkey one of the first people I met was a train geek who was obsessed with getting into mail rail. In fact the only reason he got into exploring was to find his way inside there. I'd never even heard of it at the time but it quickly went top of my list. We spent hours discussing how we could find an access point but we never really got any further than wandering around outside sorting offices peeking through fences. Silent UK's blog was a point of reference for us at the time yet mysteriously got taken offline not long after we'd seen it. Rumours circled that it had been taken down by the authorities and that individuals were facing legal action over it. It became clear that this site was going to be a force to be reckoned with. Around this time I was told by somebody that the one and only place we were really interested in trying was completely sealed and that nobody would ever be getting in that way. My friend at the time didn't hang around on the exploring scene for much longer after that. Roll on a couple of years later however and that is exactly the way that a load of us got in! More thanks to a tip off rather than a stroke of genius but who cares. Cheers to the guys who came along and made the night happen, one of the best nights exploring I've ever had. We covered about two thirds of the network that night I think. It was thirsty work for a group with nothing more than a 2L bottle of Fanta between us. This was a special one that took a couple of days afterwards to really sink in and even looking through my photos now makes me smile from ear to ear! My pics are a little bit jumbled up and a mixture of quality but the best I could come up with, hope you enjoy! 1. New Oxford Street station 2. 3. 4. Emergency escape shaft 5. 6. 7. King Edward Street station, a very derelict feel to this one 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Various sections of tunnel and midget trains 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Floodgate Door 18. 19. 20. ....and last but not least, Mount Pleasant sorting office, where you just have to try and ignore the infrared cameras everywhere and go about your business even though you can hear London's busiest sorting office in action right above your head! Crazy in there 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. So that's Mail Rail. We saw a lot more of it than I've shown, some of my pics came out too naff and some things I didn't photograph because we were too pushed for time. It is one cool ass place to explore and I can only wish that one day I get the chance to see it again. Thanks again to all involved
  2. I would have left some of the more blurry pics out but it looks like you covered the place from top to bottom. Welcome to OS
  3. France Trou de tess, France - 2018

    Oh hello....that's super nice! Excellent photos, very well lit!
  4. UK HMP Glen Parva Prison

    Liking that, who doesn't like a derp prison? Good effort
  5. USA Dog Walker State Hospital - U.S.

    Yay you came back! Love this
  6. Other An Island full of creepy dolls

    That's some messed up shit right there! I love it
  7. UK Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    I didn't know what a mirkin was but now I do... Cheers for that
  8. UK Bedham School and Chapel - Possible Pagan Ceremony

    Lol wtf is going on there?! Cool video, some well edited decent footage there. Welcome to OS
  9. Poland Resort - Poland, 2018

    Looks like a decent place to sleep on an exploring trip
  10. UK Nocton Hall & RAF Hospital in Lincoln

    Definitely one of those places that looks better from the outside, must have been nice in its day
  11. Italy Villa Scorpio - June 2017

    That last room is a bit special, like that a lot!
  12. That's lush mate, all about that grand hall! Excellent find
  13. Other Raouf Hotels Sharm El Sheikh January 2018

    That's a cool find! Are you living there now then?
  14. USA The last days of Congoleum

    haha those statues are super weird
  15. Very nice mate. Hope you're doing good
  16. Poland Civil defense - Poland 2018

    Looks incredible! Great photos too....
  17. Poland Cinema, Poland - 2018

    ^ It's not a requirement to name sites on here or give out details Very nice report there. It's rare to find somewhere as untouched as this

    Well that's pretty epic! Not heard of many of these. Some great shots there!
  19. Poland Mortuary, Poland- 2017

    Pretty nice that. Good to see some stuff from Poland
  20. UK Park Hill Flats Sheffield

    Reminds me of the Heygate estate in London a few years back, that's what got me into this hobby
  21. UK Eastry chapel and workhouse 2018

    Tooting hospital is one I would like to see pics from, been trying to get in there for ages!
  22. UK Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse - Jan 18

    Looks like a big place from the number of photos
  23. Germany Haus der Offiezere - Germany, September 2016 & March 2017

    Great first report and good to see you on here! Some absolute bangers in there. I missed the main building unfortunately, looks pretty epic
  24. UK Abandoned woods house

    Yeah some pics would definitely add to the story. Drop me a message if you need any help uploading or anything else