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  1. UK Record Ridgeway, Sheffield - September 2017

    Best thing about this place is the Phlegm mural
  2. Nicely lit pics there mate. Good to see this pop up again, it's been quite a while. I had to take the stairs in and out when I went. Not recommended !
  3. France Bureau Central

    Great shots, it's certainly very photogenic in there
  4. UK Bretton Hall, Wakefield - Dec 2017

    Looks pretty decent that
  5. Other Abandoned soviet space shuttles

    EPIC. Heard this is a right mission and a half so well done pulling it off!
  6. France Rusty Mine

    That's real nice, my kind of place
  7. UK Victoria BS - January 2018

    Haha, excellent first report! It looks like a decent explore despite the crowds showing up.
  8. UK Canon brewery, Sheffield - Sep 2017

    Doesn't look much worse than 3 years ago tbh, I still enjoyed it in there though, for the graff especially
  9. In 1910 a garrison of the Imperial German Army was established at the Waldstadt section of the Wünsdorf community. By the First World War in 1914 it had become Europe’s largest military base. During World War I it was the site of several prisoner-of-war camps, including the "crescent camp" (Halbmondlager) for Muslim fighters of the Triple Entente, where the first wooden mosque in Germany was erected. From 1939 to 1945, Wünsdorf hosted the underground headquarters of the German Wehrmacht (OKW) and Army's High Command (OKH). After World War II the area became a Soviet military camp, the largest outside Russia, until 1990. Since then it has been returned to civilian use. You can actually pay the security guards 15 Euros to take a wander around here but we chose to sneak in instead and try our luck. It just so happened it was our lucky day as there was a nude photo shoot taking place, so all the doors were wide open! Result! Anyway, on with the photos. Wünsdorf HQ 1. Haus der Offiziere (Officers’ House). Unfortunately we didn't see inside here as security was onto us before we had a chance (cue much hiding....) 2. Statue of Lenin 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. This is where the naked girl appeared from randomly! 11. Plant room valves labelled in Russian 12. Theatre Entrance 13. 14. 15. Still kept in stunning condition 16. Hospital 17. Some nice natural decay inside here 18. 19. 20. Russian newspapers were pasted onto the walls underneath the paintwork throughout 21. 22. 23. The doors were padded both inside and out along this corridor. Perhaps a secure ward. 24. Maybach & Zeppelin Bunkers 25. Maybach I was built in 1937 and became operational in 1939 as the threat of war loomed. The complex consisted of twelve three-storey buildings above ground designed to look from the air like local housing, and two floors of interlinked bunkers with two-foot thick walls below. Deeper in the subterranean levels of Maybach I, there were wells for drinking water and plumbing, air-filter systems for protection against gas attacks, and diesel engines to keep the system operational. Later in the Second World War, the site was further camouflaged by the use of netting. During 1945 the site was heavily bombed by both the British and Americans. 26. The entrances were all partially destroyed by the Russians in 1946 to make the bunkers ineffective for military use so we had to scramble underneath this mess of twisted steel and collapsed rocks to gain access. 27. Inside the walls were filthy from fire and smoke damage. 28. The ring tunnel connecting all the Maybach bunkers was backfilled so we were only able to walk a few hundred metres in any direction before we reached a dead end. 29. Russian scribbles cover the walls and ceiling throughout 30. Handy that someone has placed these beer crates as stepping stones over an oil spillage 31. 32. 32. Another small bunker a couple of hundred metres away. 33. This small entrance leads to a much larger interior 34. 35. One of the entrances to the Zeppelin bunker, a highly modern underground communications centre which had walls up to 3.2 meters thick and a 1 metre shell around it. The Nazis’ entire second world war campaign was guided from the Zeppelin bunker, providing direct contact through telex to the fronts at Stalingrad, France, Holland and even Africa. Constructed in 1937 it was one of the largest newsgathering hubs in operation during the Second World War. The Zeppelin bunker later formed part of the Soviet Cold war era installations in Wünsdorf under the name Ranet. Further bunker installations were subsequently added to house the central command and communications functions of the Soviet army in the GDR. The bunker grounds were demilitarised following the closing of the army base in 1994, when the last Russian troops left Germany 36. Unfortunately the bunker was sealed beyond this blast door and we ran out of time. We will be back! Thanks for looking
  10. Love this! So cool
  11. UK Abandoned train yard/factory (cinematic)

    It works well. Most exploring videos these days are about 20 minutes of poorly shot phone camera footage. I usually switch off after 30 seconds. The number of views on YouTube never seems to correlate with the level of quality unfortunately. Lots of talentless morons out there getting hundreds of thousands of views for poorly edited shite
  12. Liking that a lot, ace report!
  13. UK Snibston mine, coalville , Jan 18

    Definitely looks worth dodging a camera for and an early start to avoid the neighbours
  14. UK Abandoned train yard/factory (cinematic)

    Excellent. Really nicely done and no bullshit click bait title like most videos I see these days! Good work
  15. That's a cool report mate and good to see you over here. Some decent stuff you've found there
  16. I came here with Elliot5200, Gabe and Indecisive Moment. The buildings have beautiful exteriors and although the contents have mostly been removed there are still many features to admire. The staircase in particular was stunning and the military records library contained beautiful mahogany cabinets for storing records, unfortunately the records have been removed now. The main building with the four turrets had most of the best stuff but the buildings behind were also accessible with a few rooms worth checking out such as the old bar. This was a nice chilled out wander for a couple of hours in good company. Here's some history.... The Royal Military Academy at Woolwich was founded in 1741 at the Royal Arsenal. The need for more space led to a move to large new buildings on Woolwich Common in 1806, where cadets were taught mathematics, fortifications, French, chemistry, drawing and dancing. Among the hundreds of officers who graduated from the academy, probably the best known are Lord Kitchener and General Gordon of Khartoum. In 1945, the academy transferred to Sandhurst to merge with the academy there. Durkan Group bought the Woolwich site by public tender in 2006. Many of the Woolwich buildings have since been converted and extended into 334 houses and apartments, including 150 for a housing association. Renovation work is currently ongoing. Onto the pics.... Thanks for looking
  17. Yeah I hear ya, it just captures SO much though, I couldn't put mine down for a few months after I bought it. Barely use the thing now but occasionally it pulls out the money shot
  18. Other An Assortment of Derp, Various Countries - August 2016

    Missed this somehow. Some cool looking places there dude. I love those old military camps, Forst zinna has some epic looking murals. They'll be a thing of the past in a few years
  19. Explore of the year 2017

    Would have to be this for me....without naming it publicly
  20. Nice one dude, some good decay in there. I prefer seeing shots like these than too much fisheye if I'm honest, you went a bit crazy with that mofo for a while
  21. UK Sutton Hospital, B Block & Admin

    Liking that mate. Reminds me I haven't done a hospital for donkeys years now. Some good ones up there I believe
  22. Still never made it here, nice pics mate Has it gone downhill now?
  23. I went here a few years back with @ACID-REFLUX..... surprised some of the murals are still the same after all that time
  24. A couple of bits look just like millennium mills with those spiral chutes. Some decent graff as well, don't mind so much if it's executed well in a place that's a bit fucked anyway
  25. UK Edinburgh Royal Victoria Hospital, 2017

    That's a great first report! Some nice pictures here, welcome to the forum