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  1. Nice one Scott, it certainly was a bit of a nail-biter this one....wtf is that place!!?? Anyone??
  2. Belgium Villa Albert -Visited 2013 -2014

    This is amazing mate, I want that living room with the pimped out chairs!!
  3. Belgium Maison Viron - visit 01/2014

    Looks cool mate, got any more shots from inside?
  4. Belgium Manoir DP... April '14

    Looks like a wicked location dude and very well captured, did you have a go with the gun?
  5. This is great, I especially like shots 4 & 8 but every shot is good
  6. UK Cannon Brewery, Sheffield May 2014

    I also really enjoyed this spot, nice report mate
  7. Germany Dr Dents... April '14

    erm how creepy is that dentist's room?! Excellent set mate, looks like a fantastically interesting spot this one
  8. UK Asylum X - 2014

    left a couple of windows ajar so perhaps that might help, I might scatter some grass seeds and soil and start watering them on a regular basis Thanks, yeah they've removed everything...am I right in thinking there is a cinema somewhere? Gutted we didn't find that....
  9. UK Asylum X - 2014

    Thanks Nelly, likewise mate! It's being converted in September so I don't think there will be enough time for decay to set in
  10. USA Keystone Psychiatric Center (2013)

    This is all kinds of epic mate, some really great shots of an eerie looking place, that wheelchair.....
  11. This is the former William Ridgway Tools factory site. William Ridgway and Sons company of Sheffield, manufacturers of augers, bits, wood-boring and motorising tools, was founded in 1878 and became a Private company in 1909, these works were founded in the 1930s. William Ridgway Tools merged first of all with Record Tools in 1974 to form Record Ridgway Tools Ltd. Record were another Sheffield company who were renowned for the quality of their vices and industrial clamps. Following the merger Record Ridgway Tools Ltd was made up of 14 UK Companies with 5 overseas companies. A later merger with a woodwork tools company called Marple (which was part-owned by Record and Ridgeway respectively before their original merger) led to the company becoming known as Record Marples Tools. Record Marples was taken over by the Swedish hardware manafacturer AB Bahco in 1982. Despite a management buyout leading to the company reverting to British ownership in 1985 the company struggled financially and following administration was acquired by U.S. based Irwin Tools in 1998 who have since moved production to China in recent years. I explored this gaff with a non-member a couple of months back, to be honest there isn't much evidence of the old tool making business left, it's more of an art gallery now which is absolutely fine by me, especially given that some of Phlegm's best work is hidden in there It's a dirty old place with more pigeons than you can shake a stick at and there's a couple of cool rooftops to get up on. All in all a good wander for a couple of hours with some epic graffiti inside.
  12. Belgium Castle of Dreams (Very Pic Heavy) - 2014

    Oh lordy, this is the mutts nuts, there isn't a single shot that isn't pure magic but that room with the sunlight coming through is off the flip chart
  13. Like this one mate, looks a bit like a prison in places! That bath is quite sexy looking, I want one with dials! Good work on the find and the pics
  14. Agreed SK, and this location is perfect because it's a right shithole :mrgreen:
  15. Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children This hospital has been abandoned for over 15 years, it's quite a fair size including several different buildings and has multiple accessible rooftops. Sentinel and Joe picked me up (still a bit drunk to be fair) early doors and we arrived only to find there was a security camera staring right at the access point I had previously found, whoops. Despite that we found our way inside pretty quickly and headed straight for the roof. The views are actually pretty decent overlooking Hackney borough and the City skyscapers, we had a beautiful sunny day for it too. The wards and corridors are littered with eerie looking cartoon characters on the walls to remind you this was once full of sick children. There are numerous interesting rooms dotted around the place if you look carefully, mainly in the front building, the more modern looking building connected via a bridge was a bit dull in comparison but still interesting enough in places. The small building at the back of the site on the right hand side is just about ready for demolition already so avoid that one, there is also evidence of asbestos removal in there. Whilst in the basement at one point I had fallen behind so made my way to catch the others up and heard footsteps coming down the stairs I had just passed, I called out 'Hello' in the voice of Tubbs from League of Gentlemen thinking it was the others and 2 strangers appeared, a man and a woman. Luckily they hadn't heard me and immediately turned in the opposite direction from me so I made a dash for it and we all spent the next half hour hiding in a shower cubicle, which was fun Anyway here's the history and rather sad impending future.... History In 1870, a small 26-bed hospital was opened here & known as North-Eastern Hospital and Dispensary.In 1893, a new building fund began, this allowed the Hackney Road site to be expanded and new ward accommodation to be added. In 1942 it amalgamated with the Princess Elizabeth of York Hospital for Children, Shadwell to become The Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children. In 1948, the hospital became part of the newly created NHS and in 1967 was amalgamated with Great Ormond Street Hospital.In 1996 the hospital became part of The Royal Hospitals Trust, now Barts and The London NHS Trust. In 1992, Michael Jackson was greeted by 2000 cheering fans as he landed at Haggerston Park in a helicopter with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse where he visited the children at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children. In 1997, the services of the hospital were relocated to The Royal London Hospital, where they retain their historical identity through their current name, The Queen Elizabeth Children's Service a title granted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The hospital had one of the country's most important pathological laboratories for the investigation of child diseases. Despite English Heritage advising the Council that proposed demolition would involve the loss of historic fabric that had potential to provide historical information on the development of healthcare in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries all but the facade of the Hospital will be swept away in order to build two six storey residential blocks which will accommodate 188 flats. Onto the pics, cheers Scott for use of the wide angle once again! More shots here https://www.flickr.com/photos/74870643@N02/sets/72157644083441434/ and thanks for taking a look
  16. Fank you, think we may have been amongst the last to take a peek as the demo crew were busy stripping this weekend apparently
  17. UK COULSDON DEEP SHELTER - april 2014.

    Looks great, well captured mate, need to get myself down there asap
  18. Mate you've got some top quality shots here, loving the tunnel, the stairs and especially that switchboard, looks like a more current version of the one at Deepdene, very interesting location too
  19. Nice one Scotty How did you get the dice to balance on it's own, are you a wizard?? my only shots of it like that were of you holding it in position!! Lara let's go!
  20. Nice one dude, went just recently myself and there's a whole heap of stuff here that I didn't see (there's more than ONE chair??!!!) which highlights indeed that one trip is never enough!
  21. Shit you're onto me SK! Cheers for the nice comments guys, and yes we did wear masks down there...don't always wear one when I probably should but that place was a must
  22. Let's sort something out coz I'd like to go back myself
  23. Thanks mate, we didn't find the morgue but it may well have been stripped beyond the point of recognition, possible revisit on the cards to investigate further!