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  1. Looks great, can't beat a bit of artwork done by the inhabitants themselves, makes it that little bit more creepy! Nice shots
  2. Loving the intertwining trees, reminds me a little of Angkor Wat in Cambodia in places
  3. Oooh I like the look of this place, you can't beat a hospital still full of equipment! Excellent shots
  4. Fourth shot is the money shot for me, nice one
  5. Always enjoy your reports mate, great photos
  6. So much WIN! Desperate to visit this place, it really does look outstanding, love the exterior with the statues and there's some almighty corridor porn going down
  7. Shame to see it in such a mess but there's still a lot of beautiful features left behind, you've taken some fantastic shots! Don't think I've seen the confession booths in previous reports.... Job well done mate
  8. Really like this report, the black and white shots work really well for me
  9. Looks like a great location and you clearly take good pics, I'd rather see more of the building and the locomotives personally but a couple of model shots add something a bit different and are nice to see as well. You can add or remove pics from the report quite easily by clicking 'edit post' at the bottom of your report just so you know, that's entirely up to you whether or not you wish to do so. Welcome to the forum and hope to see more reports from you
  10. These three redundant gasholder frames are all that remain of the once extensive South Metropolitan Gas Company works on Old Kent Road. I climbed this in the early hours after a long night of doing other stuff with Elliot5200 and Gabe, and a friend who stayed at the bottom for this one. We nearly sacked it off as the weather conditions were deteriorating and broad daylight was already upon us, but nevertheless we found ourselves at the bottom looking up and had to go for it. I noticed the previous day that the security hut had been partially boarded up and had signs of squatter's dirty laundry inside which I took as a good sign for the current status of the 2 gas holders that sit directly behind it. Here's some history: In 1829, the South Metropolitan Gas Company was formed and selected a site for works adjoining the Grand Surrey Canal on the eastern side of Old Kent Rd. The works were completed by 1833 and the company's offices added in 1834. Barges were acquired to bring in coal and by 1856 there were seven gasholders on the site. The works was rebuilt around that time further east along Old Kent Road where the gas holders currently still stand, both date back to the 1870s. I was unable to find out how long these have been redundant for, at least I hope they were redundant...there was quite a strong smell of gas coming from below..... A World War 2 bomb was found at the site of the main gas holder in the 1950s as shown below. Onto my pics, all handheld with shaky hands but came out pretty well considering! This shot was taken the previous day with my phone. Access was pretty straight forward so we left our bags at the bottom and began our ascent up the first of five ladders. This was my first gasometer and straight away I felt particularly nervous about there being no cage around the ladder for protection, just a sheer drop all the way down. It got more intense towards the top, not helped by the several beers that we'd drunk beforehand although I may not have made it onto the ladder without those.... We got to the top, soaked up the views for a few minutes and took some snaps, the weather vane was a nice feature up there and there was a walkway around the top but we could feel the rain starting so it made sense to get back down quickly. I felt pretty proud of myself once I'd reached the bottom, I know these aren't difficult for a lot of people but it put my fear of heights to the test more than anywhere I've been so far. Now that I've looked back at my photos I'm keen to see more of these beasts before they all disappear from our landscape. Anyway, thanks for taking a look
  11. you'd have laughed if you'd seen the look on my face throughout the experience
  12. Very nice indeed, looks like a great place! All nice shots but the second shot is particularly superb
  13. I'd love to have a look in there, excellent shots dude
  14. Cheers guys, from what I've read these are on their way out so glad to have done one and got a couple of other more tricky ones in mind
  15. Loving that Cane Hill video mate, somewhere that I never got to see Will be back to watch the rest of these when I have a little more time, off to bed right now!
  16. That's an epic video you've put together there and not paying to go there gets a massive vote from me
  17. You did well getting in by the sounds of it mate, great shots you've got here, really is a gem of a building and one that I fell a little bit in love with
  18. Kidding obviously dude, good to see you on here and really nice report
  19. Nice first report for a noob Can't say i've heard of you before....
  20. I was sold on the title, who doesn't want to see an underground temple! great find with some cool shots, second to last shows it in the best light for me....is that a pentagram on the wall perchance?
  21. Excellent shots man, love this place, it's creepy as fuck through and through, and well done for evading the gurkhas
  22. This is a dominating Neoclassical Grade II listed mansion situated in Shropshire. It was originally constructed in 1735 and stands in a magnificent parkland of nearly 1500 acres of land. The mansion is famed for it's four giant iconic columns and was once owned by royalty. It's nickname comes from the fact that three of it's owners died from tragic circumstances, two fatal car crashes and a suicide. The basement of the mansion was once used as a telecommunications headquarters during World War II for the spy network in Europe, much of the original equipment is still down there. The property was sold to developers in 2000 but they have neglected to carry out much work since, they recently put it back on the market and are currently undergoing some restoration work inside. It's a really beautiful site, you could spend all day taking pictures in here and it's amazing to imagine people in the basement transmitting messages to our spies in Europe during the war. I had a strange feeling of sadness come over me as I was walking away from the place, difficult to explain why but it was a bit weird, I think perhaps I fell a little bit in love with the place. Massive thanks to Jones-y-Gog for inviting me to see this one and providing excellent company, cheers fella! The false door, everyone should have one of these!! This fireplace dates back to 1617, it even has the year carved into the wood. Thanks for looking.
  23. Oh man those control rooms are amazing, hats off for doing this....after an experience of nearly getting caught last week elsewhere I really should be completely put off but this looks well worth the risk!