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  1. Quality photos those mate
  2. Yeah likewise mate, gimme a shout next time you're down!
  3. Designed by Architect to the Metropolitan Police, John Dixon Butler FRIBA, the Greenwich Magistrates’ Court opened in 1909 with an integral police station. The Symmetrical frontage is faced in Portland Stone in a free Classical style and features a central semi-circular tablet with Royal Coat of Arms, carved in stone by Lawrence Turner. Inside, the entranceway leads to the former police station foyer which has a mosaic tiled floor with MP monogram (for Metropolitan Police) laid by Messrs Diespeker. The foyer leads onto Court 1, the main courtroom which is toplit with a decorative plaster frieze around the light well and a monogram of Edward VII in plaster above the bench. The Courtroom has mostly original fittings and the bench is in a curved recess, up three steps. The court has its own custody suite. The suite consists of nine prison cells with associated facilities for booking in prisoners etc. Visited here with @AndyK! a few months back. We sat on this for a while as we were hoping to return and see if we missed any bits but haven't got around to it. Anyway, I think we saw all the best bits. Here are some of my photos to begin with, and a few taken by Andy at the end. I also poached the history from his website report, so cheers for that! A few shots of the custody suite from Andy Thanks for looking
  4. Germany Chocolate factory - August 2013

    Really like this @Andy, love the sci-fi feel to shot 17
  5. France Leopold Fortress, France - October 2017

    Cheers dude, long time no see!
  6. This fortress was constructed by the Germans from 1907-1914. It served German soldiers during the First World War but saw little action. Then it was occupied by the French between 1919 & 1940, where it was incorporated into the maginot line for WWII. After the departure of French troops in June 1940, the German army took back the fort. On September 2, 1944, it was declared a fortress of the Reich by Hitler. The stronghold must therefore be defended until the last extremity by German troops, whose chiefs all took an oath to the Führer. In October 1944, the fort was captured by the American 3rd Army in the Battle of Metz. Definitely one of the best military sites I've visited yet. Amazing to think it served both WWI & WWII yet remains in such good condition today. There are dozens of murals dating back over a century, and 1,700m of tunnels connecting various sections. I had to be dragged away as I could have spent a week in here. Visited with @Maniac @extreme_ironing and @Andy. "Flourish German fatherland" "Cameroon child in Munich" / "Man does not agree" "Booze kills, so do not drink so much!" (or something to that effect....) "Beautiful is the recruit life" "Whoever quarrels or rushes gets the hell out of it" "May God punish England" Thanks for looking y'all
  7. Germany Pozellan-Manufaktur P. - 08/2016

    Looks like an interesting place. Cheers for sharing
  8. France Group Fortification Verdun, 2017

    Nice report mate, I've visited a few bits over there this year but not this one. Have to admit, I hadn't thought about unexploded ordnance. I was surrounded by spikes and barbed wire looking for a couple of maginot bunkers, it felt like I was crossing enemy lines
  9. Another visit from October with @Andy, @Maniacand@extreme_ironing. From seeing Andy's report I missed quite a few bits but you can't see everything unless you spend the whole day down there. Another epic bit of WW2 history and there's lots more out there. Ouvrage Mont des Welches, a gros ouvrage of the Maginot Line fortifications, is part of the Fortified Sector of Boulay. It comprises two entrance blocks, one infantry block, one artillery block, one observation block and two combination blocks. The underground gallery system is compact, about 200 metres (660 ft) from end to end, and unlike larger ouvrages where the gallery system is linear in concept, the central portion of Mont des Welches is a dense network of tunnels crossing one another, housing the barracks and utility areas. The galleries are excavated at an average depth of up to 30 metres (98 ft). Unlike most gros ouvrages, its 60 cm internal rail network was not electrified, relying on human power to move the rail cars. Relatively small for a gros ouvrage, Mont des Welches saw a brief period of sharp action in June 1940, when German forces moving along the rear of the Maginot Line engaged the position without success. The manning of the ouvrage in June 1940 comprised 490 men and 17 officers of the 167th Fortress Infantry Regiment and the 151st Position Artillery Regiment. After modest renovations in the 1950s, it was abandoned in the 1970s. Bon journée
  10. France Leopold Fortress, France - October 2017

    Thanks mate, not seen you pop up for a while!
  11. Not much history to be found on this place but we know it served as one of 4 railway control bunkers during WWII which were crucial to keeping the Southern Railway network running during the blitz. Here's some info from Sub Brit where it gets a mention: During World War 2, the Southern Railway took over the Deepdene Hotel near Dorking in Surrey for its wartime emergency headquarters. In the grounds they excavated an underground control centre taking advantage of a network of existing natural caves. The bunker housed both the Headquarters' telephone exchange and Traffic Control's underground control centre which had underground divisional controls at Woking (South West Division), Southampton (Western Division), Orpington (South Eastern Division) and Redhill (Central Division). Woking Southern Railway Traffic Underground Control Centre remained operational until the 1960s. It's in a very poor state of disrepair due to natural decay and fire damage but there's still a few bits and pieces left behind. Visited with @Maniac, @extreme_ironing, and @Soylent green before heading to the pub for a liquid breakfast 1. Difficult to read all the writing on the blast doors but they read something to the effect of 'wait for the first door to be closed before opening the second' 2. In this room there would have been people sat on either side with telephones and typewriters in front of them 3. I guess this room was a telephone exchange 4. I got mocked for taking this shot. What can I say, I like old light switches! 5. Old telephones, there used to be loads of these apparently but they've all been taken 6. Ventilation, loved the rusty colours in here 7. Dials 8. Electrics 9. Some kind of battery or something? I'm not sure, answers on a postcard please! 10. Impressive blast doors Thanks for looking
  12. Good work, my pics from here were shite
  13. A while back I posted a report from a creme de la menthe location called Chateau a la Mange Tout. This sanatorium sits on the same site, not bad having two half decent explores right next to each other, joie de vivre! I meant to post a report at the time but never got round to it. It wasn't massively photogenic so I only took a load of hand held shots but there was a fair bit of stuff inside. Bon appetit, as the French would say Last but not least we had a quick peek inside the morgue, no slab but some body fridges left behind. Tres bien ensemble
  14. Germany Powerplant T... - [visit 05/2k17]

    That's a cool looking place, even if it's small
  15. Germany Gewächshaus Opel

    That's a cool find, the little house looks interesting as well as the car
  16. France Château Lumière - 05/2017

    Still looks pretty splendid despite the damage in recent times. Love the detail shots, especially that blue radiator, how cool
  17. Belgium Light in the darkness Slate mine..

    You did well with the lighting in there. Amazing how blue the water is in that first pic, saw the same in Wales recently
  18. UK Doctors Mansion with nice car

    Surprised this place is still standing
  19. Italy Paragon Hotel

    Such a shame what has happened to the grand hall with the graffiti. I do love those paintings in #6 though. Some fantastic photos as usual
  20. Italy Palazzo di L. - 06/2017

    YES to this. Right, I'm booking flights back to Italy right now!
  21. Italy Radar Hills - 06/2017

    Yeah all good now
  22. Italy Chiesa nella forresta - 06/2017

    Very nice mate
  23. UK Maenofferen Slate Mine Nov17

    Need to get this done myself at some point soon, looks proper epic.... What's the deal with the explorer bus?